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Monsterous Giveaway and October Freebies

Aloha fabulous friends!  Are you as excited about this giveaway as we are?!  I almost wish I could enter myself!!  Check out the previous post to see all of these fantastic items that you can win!

I love, love, love the month of October.  So much to do and so little time!!  I wanted to share a fun activity that I made to use with my 2nd graders.

My class can always use some extra practice with this skill, especially the first few months of school.

I just love these cute bats and your students will enjoy matching them up.  

I also made these cute pencil toppers to give out on Halloween.  I simply cut a hole on the top and bottom and slide a pencil through.  You can also tape it on.

Just click on the pictures to grab these freebies.  Make sure you check the previous posts from this week for more fantabulous freebies!

Monsterous Giveaway and Freebies from Deb & Tamara

Hey everyone! :)
We hope you've been enjoying our MONSTEROUS giveaway!

We're going to share a few freebies with you that are fall themed and FUN! :)

Hi guys! :)  It's TAMARA! :)
My kids are really starting to get the hang of sentence scrambles!  They are a fun way to build literacy skills.  Students will sort the cards based on the clip art and re-arrange the words to create meaning for the sentence.  Then, they write the sentence on a recording sheet.

Click HERE to download the sentence scramble!

Next up, a little addition and subtraction activity for the week of Halloween! :)
These story problems were written with emergent readers in mind.  You can let them use the halloween themed counters to help them add and subtract, or you can just use counters that you have in the classroom.

Click HERE to download the story problems set!
Next up....DEB! :)

TA-DAHHHHH!  Are you loving these Fall Freebies or what?  I know that I am enjoying the Fall and the weather cooling down a bit down in Georgia.  Hey, here is another fantastic freebie from The Chalkies, so go and grab it and have some fun with your kiddos!  

Click HERE to grab your Halloween Syllable Sort!

There are some great units up for grabs, 
plus a MEGA PRIZE PACK that we want you to win. 
So, please hurry over and enter in to win!!!
Click HERE to enter and Good Luck! 

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Tamara and Deb

Halloween Spider Sort ~ Vowel Sorting *Freebie*

Hey Chalk Talkers!
Christy & Tammy here from Fluttering Through First Grade.

Do you like spiders? 
We tend to find them all over our classroom throughout the school year.
We have our students on high spider alert at times, just to be safe.
Upon "spider siren" (think shrieking, ear piercing voices yelping, "Spider! Spider!"), we whisk on over with a paper towel so we can carefully "relocate" them upon discovery. :)

This time of year is a perfect time however to allow our eight legged friends to stick around class awhile.
Our boys love this activity and our girls don't mind it either, as one so eloquently informed us, "because the spiders are on paper and not in the Legos". We took that as a compliment coming from our two legged friend.
*Directions for use
*1 Recording Page
*2 Sorting Mats
*10 Short Vowel Cards
*10 Long Vowel Cards
*4 Blank Cards 

Here's a sneak peek at a few of the printable pages...

Click {here} to find it in our TpT Shop. Enjoy!
We'd love for you to follow our store and leave some feedback if you decide to download. 
 If you're just dropping by Primary Chalkboard for the first time this week, make sure you head back over to Tuesday's Post to check out our 
Monsterous Giveaway!
We're offering our  
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There are tons of great units up for grabs, 
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So, please enter and win for us so we can say we know the winner! :)
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Good luck!

Monsterous Giveaway and some Not-so-Spooky Freebies!

Hey! It's Leigh and Leslie and we're here to share a few not-so-spookey FREEBIES with you while you enter for your chance to win one of FOUR amazing prize packs! 

Here's a quick recap if you forgot what was up for grabs!

1. First Grade Prize Pack!
2. Second Grade Prize Pack!
3. Fire Safety Prize Pack!
4. GRAND PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

{click here to check them out and enter for your chance to win, one or all!!!!!!!!!!}

 Can I just say how jelly I am of the person who wins that mega pack?! Oh my! I *NEED* that bag and bunting!

Ok... now onto the freebies! 

First up?!
 Something to get your kiddlets brains engaged while building their vocabulary! I love teaching about bats and spiders in October! (especially living in FL where both are very prevalent!)
I created this fun spider themed center to help my kiddos distinguish between verbs and adjectives with a creepy crawly twist!

{Click here or the pic to grab this puppy FREE from my TpT store!}

Hey everyone!! It's Leslie! Love your Spider word sort, Leigh!!! It will be perfect for our 1st and 2nd grade sweeties!!! So, my not-so-scary freebie is on Key Ideas and Details. Yikes, right!!! Those words are scary enough for most kids! But fear not!!! With my Key Idea and Details Pumpkins, you can help your kiddos learn this complex core standard. It can be used as a guided lesson or as an independent lesson.  As for me, I used it both ways and it is a great center to reinforce the skill! Click on the picture to take you to my TpT store to download it! 

We hope that you have enjoyed entering our MONSTEROUS giveaway! Please come back tomorrow for more October goodies from our sweet friends!!! 

Happy Wednesday!
Leigh and Leslie

Primary Chalkboard's MONSTERous Giveaway and Freebie Link-up!

Greetings friends!
Daina here from Sticky Notes & Glitter!
I am so excited to be posting today and bringing you the opportunity to WIN some UH-MAY-ZING things!
Welcome to Primary Chalkboard's MONSTERous Giveaway!!! Dun, dun, dun!!!!
Not only do we have product bundles up for grabs, but we also have some other goods that are the bomb-diggity!
So let's get down to it... the fabulous prizes! There are 4 different prize bundles! Enter one, enter all, totally up to you!
Now, let's remember, with great prizes comes great responsibility...Ok, so maybe not great responsibility, but there is going to be some clicking involved! So to this I say, Happy Clicking friends! :)

1. A First Grade Product Bundle

2. A Second Grade Product Bundle

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 4. The Mega Prize Pack

And for our mega prize pack, we have some VERY generous people who have donated some fabulous prizes for ONE LUCKY WINNER!
First Mega Prize - Amie, from Glitter Meets Glue, has graciously donated her Technology Equipment Variety Clipart Pack! Some real glittery fabulousness!

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Third Mega Prize - Stephanie, from Ooh Baby Designs, has graciously donated a prize pack worth over $150.00!!!
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Giveaway is for items pictured below with NO substitutions and you must be a US resident! But who would WANT to substitute?? These are adorable!! See for yourself!

Giveaways end October 8th! Enter before it's too late!!!

But wait! The fun's not over yet!

Not only are we offering all of these wonderful prizes for you, we will also be featuring different October themed freebies over the next week! Make sure you check back each day from now to October 8th and snag some new resources for FREE!

Have your OWN October themed freebie? (
That can include fire safety, pumpkins, Halloween, red ribbon week, fall, etc.)

 Well if you've got one, link it up below! :)