10 November 2014

Conference Form and Rubrics for the Primary Grades

Hi Everyone!  I am happy to announce that I am finished with conferences! 

My first year teaching first grade, I decided that in order to calm my nerves I needed a checklist. Yep, checklists calm my nerves. If you're not sure what to say, go back to your checklist. If you need to bring up something hard, add it to your checklist. If it's on paper, it's somehow not as hard to communicate it to parents. Don't be mad at the messenger, be mad at the checklist. Ha! I wish. In all seriousness, I just love a good list and I. love. rubrics. 

So I took my sad, Comic Sans, no clipart, no-boarder Microsoft Word document from ten years ago and I gave it a little facelift. Nothing too flashy, but it's a vast improvement. I don't teach first grade anymore but I wanted to spiff it up and share it with you today. Now it will be ready for me when I go back to teaching first grade.

clip art by Teacher Laura

I also realized, after asking some friends, that we all may have different expectations of our students at conference time.  We have different curriculum, start at different points in the year, and have conferences at different times. So, I also made an editable version where you can put in your own skills. You can download this here.

Come visit my blog for another freebie. It's a rubric I used during guided reading. I would send these home throughout the year, but give the first one during conferences. 
I updated this one to include some Whimsy Workshop clipart. 

clip art by Whimsy Workshop

Come get your own Guided Reading "Snapshot" freebie over at my blog and see how I use writing and math rubrics in my classroom too!

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  1. Hi! I tried downloading the editable conference form but it says the url doesn't exist.