Day 21 of PC's Advent Calendar!

Hi there. It's Karen from Mrs. Jones's Class!  I am here for Day 21 of Primary Chalkboard's Advent Calendar with a little goodie that you can use with your class (if, like me, you still have Monday and Tuesday left to go before break!) ...OR... with your own kidlets at home!

A Letter to Santa!

In color and black and white!

One of my readers mentioned she is using this letter writing template as a station during her party this week. I loved that idea!

And as a sidenote, I have to tell you why this freebie has a special place in my heart-- last year, a blogging friend posted this picture that was featured in her local newspaper. 
Ummmm.... OMG! There it is!  
I had a 15 seconds of fame moment.... well, more like 1 second, but I loved it still. :)

Have a great holiday everyone!

Day 19 Advent Fun!

Hi!! Good morning and happy Friday to all of you from Naomi of Read Like a Rock Star!! Last day before Winter Break!! Wooohooo!! We made it!!!

It's day 19 of Primary Chalkboard's Advent Calendar, and I have a great FREEBIE for you to check out!

Click on the link above to grab this winter activity!
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Day 18 Advent Fun!

Hi Teacher Friends!

It's Deb Thomas from Fabulously First!
     I want to know WHO is surviving this week?       

I am here to bring you some fun treats for day 18 of our Advent Calendar. 

Here is a fun little freebie I put together for you to survive the week!  

Click the above image for your FREEBIE!

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Hang in there everyone, we only have two more days left!  We've got this!

Day 17 Advent Fun

Hello Teaching Friends!!  

It's Jen Bengel from Out of This World Literacy. I hope you are all surviving these last few days before break!

I am here today to bring you a little treat for day 17 of our Advent Calendar.

Here is a freebie I put together to help you survive those last few days.

When your kids come in first tomorrow morning have them complete this contract with Santa first thing!

It would be fun to display these contracts on each student's desk as a reminder!

You can also swing by my store for HALF OFF today only on these two Christmas Resources!  

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I hope you all enjoy a very well deserved break and have a Happy Holidays!!  

And just remember....

Day 16: Advent Fun

Happy last week before Christmas break! Are you all having fun with our Advent Calendar goodies this month? I know I've been loving these sales and freebies!  I'm excited to join in on the fun with you today.

I know this last week can be crazy, but it can also be super fun. I always love the month of December! Now I know you are all thinking about Christmas break next week, but you still have this week to get through right? Well, here are some activities to have fun and keep the learning happening in your classroom.

Here is a ready-to-print option for you all. Just color in the gumdrop that makes a real word.

Can you tell we've been working on the ink, ank, onk, ink families? These are two activities that I've been using to practice. Last year I did the activity in the top picture. I used this with my small group.

This year, I used the activity in the bottom picture.   

Here's  a little video of my students practicing the ing/ink families. This was day two so it was more like a warm-up. 

Day 15 Advent Fun

Aloha friends!! It's Corinna from Surfin' Through Second.  I hope you have been enjoying our special posts for the month of December.

Today I have a freebie for you to help get through these last few hectic days before Winter vacation.

This is a simple easy to print bingo game using holiday symbols.  It's appropriate to use from
1st to 6th grade.  Students can fill in their own cards with symbols so no one has the same card.

I have another goodie for you today.  My Polar Palooza Math Centers will be 50% off for today only!

Mele Kalikimaka!!

Advent Calendar Fun-Day 14

Happy Sunday, friends! 

I'm here for Advent Calendar Day 14-bringing you an idea, a deal, and a freebie!

Let's get started!

The Idea

Last week, a sweet grandmother made ornaments with my kiddos.

1) Clear, plastic Christmas balls
2) "Snow"-comes in a bag at craft stores
3) Holiday confetti
4) Holiday ribbon (2 per child-cut in 2-3 inch strips)
5) Jingle bells (1 per child)

1) Squeeze the wire and take the top off the ball.

2) Fill the ball with "snow."

3) Fill the ball with holiday confetti.

4) Take the wire out of the top and string the bell on the wire. 
Then "poke" the ribbon through the wire, one piece on each side of the bell.

5) Attach the wire back to the top and place the top back on the ball.

6) Tie a ribbon through the top to hang on the tree.
 You are finished! Look how sweet!

The Deal

My kiddos are enjoying this pack so much!
They keep asking for the next one!

You get Winter and Holiday pictures straight through Valentine's Day.

Today only, it's HALF OFF!!

Click the pic above to see it!

The Freebie

I just uploaded this freebie to TpT!

If you teach ordinal numbers or positional words, here's a winter freebie to help you out!

3 different activities to help your kiddos practice these life skills!

Click the pic above to download!

I hope you found something you love here!

Hang in there! The holidays are coming!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, friends!