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9/11 in the Classroom

Hi Friends!  This is Autumn from The Primary Techie.  I am always happy to write for The Primary Chalkboard, but today I have a serious topic; September 11th.  Where were you when you heard the news?  I am sure all of us remember that moment, but our students were not even born when the towers fell.  I think for many kids, history seems irrelevant to their lives today.  It is so important to acknowledge this tragedy and teach our students about this event that rocked our nation.  Here are some of the things on my lesson plan for next week.

Background Video
I don't know how much my kids know about 9/11 so I want to introduce it in a way that is not too frightening for my little guys.  I watched MANY YouTube videos and this one is the best kid-friendly explanation I found.  It is just text on the screen with music in the background, so you will need to read it to younger kids.  I plan on pausing the video to discuss things with my kids as this plays.

Watch, Think, Color
My class does two Watch, Think, Color activities every week (one on Monday while I make homework packets and one on Wednesday when I reteach small groups).  This week, we will use the 9/11 design.  I love this one because after we finish, I talk to my class about keeping this date in your heart and never forgetting.  We need to remember history so that we can learn from it.  I offer this in my store as a freebie this week only.  I have it available for number sense, expanded notation, reading number words, and multiplication.  Click here to download.  To read more about Watch, Think, Color games, click here to visit my blog.

The Star Spangled Banner
Many kids don't know the Star Spangled Banner.  My class will show our patriotism by singing it together every morning this week.  This video has lyrics so students can read along.

Thank a Firefighter
Make cards and take them to your local fire department.  It will mean a lot to the firefighters to know they are in your thoughts.

The Pledge of Allegiance
What is the pledge and why do we say it everyday?  I always teach this at the beginning of the year with I Pledge Allegiance by Bill Martin Jr.  I love this book because it breaks down the meaning of each part of the pledge.  We will definitely revisit this book this week.

Celebration Crowns
I am OBSESSED with sending my kids home in hats.  I just think they look so darn cute and their parents can SEE what we spent the day doing.  I love making these hats because they use just one piece of paper per student.  They are also so easy to assemble.  I made some special crowns to celebrate America.  I can't wait to see my class wearing some red, white, and blue!  Click here to download your copy of my patriotic hat!

Looking for more patriotic ideas?  Check out my Pinterest board by clicking here!

How do you recognize September 11th in your classroom?  Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.  Thank you for reading!

Until next time,

What We're Chalking About September: A Visual Calendar

Hi all, Happy September!  What the what? September, oh my... How did that happen? 

It's Emma from Clever Classroom bringing you another, ''What We're Chalking About" post that covers what our multi-talented, cyber writers are posting about this month, via a visual calendar.

What We're Chalking About September: A Visual Calendar of blog posts from the authors at Primary Chalkboard

As you can see, our visual calendar aims to help you preview who and what is being posted.  

We have content for both primary and intermediate students, and topics that cover science, social studies, literacy, math, routines, planning and themes. 

This month, we are also featuring a few flash back posts, which we have aptly named, "Way Back Wednesday".
What We're Chalking About September: A Visual Calendar of blog posts from the authors at Primary Chalkboard

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Here's what we have planned for you this month. 

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30 October's What We're Chalking About: October - Visual Calendar

What We're Chalking About September: A Visual Calendar of blog posts from the authors at Primary Chalkboard

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