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Organizing Digital Files

Hey y'all! Casey here from The Original Math Maniac. Several years ago I made the switch from toting multiple flash drives to saving all of my school files digitally on Google Drive.

If you already have a google e-mail account then you already have google drive. It is SUPER easy to use. 

I made files for my "big" categories (just right click and create a "New Folder" like you would on your computer) but usually I use the search feature to find what I'm looking for.

To save documents quickly you can skip the "upload" feature and simply drag a document from your computer to your Google Drive.

Google Drive works just like the folders on your computer, the advantage is that you can login on any computer and instantly access all of your files. No more hauling around flash drives or saving everything to your computer and then dying slowly inside when you lose everything from a virus. 

Thanks for reading. Tune in tomorrow to learn some tips on Behavior Management from Anna from Simply Skilled in Second. :)