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What We're Chalking About AUGUST: A Visual Calendar

Hi friends, it's Emma from Clever Classroom.  I am so excited to share with you all the upcoming posts that the authors of the Primary Chalkboard have planned for you this August. 

What We're Chalking About AUGUST: A Visual Calendar

Can you believe it's August? We are almost three quarters of the way through the year!  How did that happen?  

While you contemplate that, you might also want to think about what you have planned for this month?  Are you heading back at school now, or are you planning to go back soon?  Either way, this page will set you up for inspirational ideas from our experienced, and very dedicated teacher-authors. 

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Here's what you can expect this month. 

What We're Chalking About AUGUST: A Visual Calendar

1  Sarah from Sarah's First Grade Snippets - Morning Arrival Routines

2  All the Primary Chalkboard Authors - Our Little Secret

3  Lisa from Growing Firsties - Parent Input

4  Leslie from First Grade and Flip Flops - Teaching with Themes Throughout the Year

5  Christina from Miss Decarbo - The First Day of School

6  Casey from Second Grade Math Maniac - The Second Day of School

7  Valerie from All Students can Shine - Classroom Management

8  Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasbord - Names

9  Jessica from Second Grade Nest - Elementary Back to School eBook Tips

10 Terry from Terri's Teaching Tidbits - Intermediate Back to School eBook Tips

11  Monica from The Schroeder Page - Executive Brain Function

12  Katie from Teaching to the Core - First Day Freebies

13  Blair from One Lesson at a Time - MVP: Most Valuable Partnership

14  Autumn from Primary Techie - Family Journals

15  Susanna from Whimsy Workshop Teaching - Simple Art Tutorials

16  Laura from Peace Love and First Grade - Meet the Teacher

17  John from Created by Mr. Hughes - Back to School Night

18  Karen from Mrs. Jones's Class - Bulletin Boards Made Easy

19  Haley from My Silly Firsties - Dismissal Time 

20  Corinna from Surfin' Through Second - Sub Tub

21  Randi from Teach it with Class - Building a Classroom Environment

22  Stacy from Funky Fresh Firsties - Easy Hallway Displays

23  Anna from Simply Skills in 2nd - Classroom Rules 

24  Latoya from Flying into First Grade - Blended Learning Ideas

25  Meg from The Teacher Studio - Setting a Climate for Problem Solving

26  Matt from Digital: Divide and Conquer - Behavior Plans and Data

27 Jen from Out of this World Literacy - Spreading Kindness

28  Cyndie from Chalk One up for the Teacher - Math Games

29  Vicky from Teaching and so Much Moore - Setting Goals the First Daye 

30 Heather from 2 Brainy Apples - Integrating Social Studies & ELA 

31  Emma from Clever Classroom - September Chalk About It - blog Posts Overview

What We're Chalking About AUGUST: A Visual Calendar Primary Chalkboard

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On the last day of each month, we will post this visual calendar for you to see what we have planned for you. 

If you have any suggestions that you would like us to write about, please comment below. 

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Here's a link to our July posts which are full of classroom organization ideas, tips and makeovers, back to school ideas, first day inspiration, writing conferences, behavior management.  We also blogged about tips for new teachers, integrating math, writing and art, techy ideas and even a post about our trip to the Teachers Pay Teachers conference in Las Vegas. Click here to see July's posts from the authors of the Primary Chalkboard. 

Getting To Know Your Students

Hi everyone,

Valerie here from All Students Can SHINE! I'm only a few weeks into my summer break and I'm already planning my first week back! Today, I'm here to share some ideas for getting to know your students on that very busy first week of school. Starting over with a brand new group can be quite overwhelming because we don't know much about our students yet and that makes everything a little tricky. I have a few tips for you that I hope will help!

On the very first day of school, I like to ask my students lots of questions. Kids LOVE to talk about themselves so I use this to my advantage. Those little learners can come to you very nervous and shy but you can turn that around really quickly by asking them to chat about themselves. 

We usually go around the room, giving everyone a chance to share a small personal fact. I use this wheel and give each student a chance to spin it. It gets kids moving (which can be very helpful for those little guys who don't like sitting for too long) and makes it fun because we get a different question every time a student spins!

We also fill out an "all about me" page. This is an easy way to assess my students' coloring and printing skills, which will help me quickly get to know them as learners in my classroom. 

Finally, we play a scavenger hunt game. Students walk around the classroom to chat with their new friends and to fill out their "find a friend" page. 

By the end of the day, everyone has had the opportunity to share a few things about themselves and learn about their new peers. It's a great way to break the ice and start the new school year on the right foot. It isn't stressful and helps everyone feel welcome!

Don't forget to grab yourself a FREEBIE before you go. 
(You will need to download the preview file to get it)

If you are looking for more tips for the first week of school,
check out my post at All Students Can SHINE.

You can also check out more posts from our fabulous authors here at the Primary Chalkboard. 
We have loads of tips and tricks for K-6!

I hope some of these tips will help you and I wish you a great first day of school,


First Days of School Ideas & a * FREEBIE *

Hi friends!  It's Vicky here from Teaching and Much Moore!  I'm so excited to share some fun back to school ideas with you.  I know, I know don't say it right?!?

But whether we are ready or not here it comes!  So, I thought I would take some of the pain away.  Here are some ideas/do's and dont's for you:

It's always fun to have a photo op/backdrop or sign on the first day and capture a picture.  Even if you don't make a memory book for your kids it's great to put on a magnet for the parents for back to school night or have on the desks for back to school night.  
Making sure the newer kids have buddies is a BIG one for me.  I was never the new kids but can imagine how overwhelming it might be.  Giving them a buddy to hang out with at recess can easily be forgotten but it's very important.  Also the school tour is another big one especially for those new kids.  It really eases any anxiety they might have.

Things WON'T go perfect I can tell you that!  Someone will show up that wasn't on your list that was added at the last minute, someone might be will be crying if you teach the lower grades.  There's a lot going on the first day - just roll with it, be flexible for those things and from the start be consistent with your expectations.  Don't forget to SMILE!!!!

Thanks for sticking with me on the do's and don'ts now:  if you teach the little guys I have a great freebie for you!

I hope you got some new ideas and enjoy the freebie!  Happy first day to all of you whether it's coming up or not until September! xox