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Advent Calendar FUN - Day 13

Hi Friends.... Anna here from Simply Skilled in Second!  I am soooooo excited to take part in our Advent Calendar Fun Event!!!   Happy Day 13 on our Advent Calendar!!!

I hope you hopped on and gathered some of our freebies and 50% Off goodies each day!

I am not sure what is going on with me... but I think my brain thinks Christmas is over a month away because I have only 1 gift purchased AND I haven't decorated yet.... What in the world is going on with me????!!!!!  I better get moving and quick!!!  So this post is gonna be a quickie because I clearly have a lot of catching up to do...LOL

So I wanted to share a FREEBIE with you today and I started to make and then ran out of time :(  So I have my Merry Measure Freebie that I made last if you don't have it, you can download it by clicking the image below....


AND.... if you are in the mood for some FUN... I have marked down my
Math Centers!

Click the picture below to head on over to pick them up for this Steal of an Advent Deal!!

And if you are still looking for some fun activities for this last week before holiday break, I have some EASY PREP, NO FUSS, Engaging activities for your students.  Check them out by clicking the pictures below...

Thanks so much for stopping by The Primary Chalkboard!  
Happy Holidays!!


On the 10th Day of Christmas, The Primary Chalkboard gave to me....

Season's Greetings, Friends! 

It's Leslie from First Grade and Flip Flops! I hope that you have enjoyed our Advent Calendar of fun and freebies! 

On the 10th Day of the Holidays, I am offering you a great FREEBIE especially around this time of year! 

Click on the picture above to grab this FREEBIE!!

I know with my own children wants suddenly become needs and this is a cute little activity as a reminder and lesson about what's really important. 

I am also offering my Math is SNOW Much Fun pack 50% off! It is great for math centers with a winter theme. 

It's only $3.25!! Click on the picture to take you to my store! It will only be discounted for today only! So hurry!

Are you doing ornaments with your students this year? Yes?? Here's a cute and fun way to package your holiday ornament.

Last year, I made these:

I know our sweet Terry had already blogged about these. You can read about them here. Mine are similar but I used clear orbs and stuffed mine with snow. You can read how I did mine here. What I also wanted to do was transport them home in a safe way. All you will need is some Dixie Cups, some shredded paper (used for baskets) and some ribbon. 

You will need 2 of these for each ornament. These will work with the smaller ornaments. Anything bigger and it may not fit. By the way-- a mommy tip: this is also a great way to take home cupcake from a birthday party. The cupcakes fit nicely into the cup. I've taped them together (the cups) and when I get home I cut the sides (so that I just pull apart the side of the cup hopefully leaving the cupcake and frosting in tact!) that way I don't lose any frosting! Ha!! It's all about the sugar!! LOL! 

Put a hole punch under the rims on both sides. Stuff some of the paper on both sides. 

Then, tie the cups together (this part is hard, especially if your ribbon unravels! grrr!). You can attach a little homemade tags from the kids! SO easy and simple.

Hope you will come back tomorrow for more goodies, tips, and surprises!

From my family to yours, I hope that you all have a wonderful and blessed holiday! 

Love to you!

Advent Calendar Day 6 - A Craft, A Freebie, And A SALE!

Hi everyone,

It's Valerie from All Students Can Shine
and I am here to bring you some fun treats for our
Advent Calendar Countdown!

Today, I'm sharing a craft tutorial, a freebie, and a sale!
Yay for holiday treats!!

Looking for a fun craft to make with your students? 

This snowflake is so EASY to make and the kids LOVE doing it every year!

I know it looks complicated but trust me when I say it is EASY!
I made them with my grade one class yesterday :)

You can follow my tutorial HERE.
I also left a FREE printable tutorial for you to take to your class :)

In case you haven't grabbed your holiday freebie yet,
check out my Holiday Coupon Book!

My Christmas printables will be a SALE all day today at 50% off!

Don't forget to check back with us tomorrow to see what goodies are up next!



December Writing Freebies

Hi Friends!!! It's Latoya of Flying into First Grade!!!

I am here to bring you some writing ideas for the month of December!!!
These are great freebies that can be used to practice many types of writing during the holiday season.





Happy Holidays!!!

Gifts For The Holidays

Hi everyone,

I'm stopping by today to show you what my students are making for their parents this year. I love giving my students the chance to create a gift for their parents during the holidays. Moms and dads give their kids so much all year so I think it's important to allow our students to thank their loved ones with a special present.

This year, we are making coupon books!

My students are having a blast coloring all their coupon pages and are ready to help out around their homes during their holiday break.

I let them add their own ideas to their books and I think this was their FAVORITE part! 
I love the ideas they came up with :)

You can pick up your coupon book for FREE in my TPT store.

Enjoy and happy holidays,


Make a Christmas Gift with Your Students

Hi everybody!  This is Terry from Terry's Teaching Tidbits.  As we celebrate Thanksgiving in a few days and get ready to move on to Christmas, I wanted to share a fun holiday activity that you can make with your students.

At my school, we always have a holiday party on the last day before winter break.  In order to maintain some classroom management while celebrating, we usually like to have a craft or some type of activity for the kids to do to keep them occupied.

If you're looking for a fun, easy project to make with your students, I have the perfect one for you.  Years ago I found an adorable Christmas ornament project online and tried it with my class.  It worked out brilliantly!  You can have your students make these adorable ornaments and give them to their parents as a gift.
This makes a great gift because it's personal and it is a gift that their family can take out and see again each and every year.  My parents STILL have ornaments that I made in elementary school and I love looking back at them when I come home to visit all these years later.

Here's how to make them:

1.  Choose an ornament (it can be any color, but I liked blue because it made it look more like a snowman outside.

2.  Paint the palm of the child with white paint.  I used tempera paint.

3.  Have them hold the ornament in the palm of their hand, (not too tightly) with the bottom of the ornament in the middle of their palm.  The white area that is made by the palm of the hand will appear to be the snowy ground and each fingerprint represents an individual snowman.

4.  Once the paint has dried, provide Sharpies to decorate each fingerprint to resemble a snowman.  I added buttons, a scarf, eyes, nose, mouth, and top hat.

5.  Present the ornament as a gift and hang on the tree!  :)

I hope you like the idea!  I can't wait to see what other ideas people have to share for the holidays.  There are only a few more weeks left, so have a Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy New Year, and Happy any other holiday that you may be celebrating this season.  :)

~ Terry