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Math Exit Tickets and a FREEBIE!

I have recently added the concept of using Exit Slips in my 2nd grade classroom.  I wanted to start off small and try this strategy with math concepts only.  I decided that after I teach the entire unit on a specific skill, I would give my students an Exit Booklet to be adhered into their math interactive notebooks.  This would be a great resource for the students to look back on if they also need to study for a cumulative assessment.

The Exit Ticket/Slip strategy is used to help students process new concepts, reflect on information learned, and express their thoughts about new information.  This strategy requires students to respond to a prompt, problem, skill, or concept given by the teacher and is an easy way incorporate writing into many content areas.  It is a great informal assessment tool that will allow teachers to adapt and differentiate their planning and instruction.

I deliver my math instruction utilizing a Guided Math Approach where I meet with small groups of children to instruct them on a specific skill based on their ability level with the concept.  Before I teach a specific skill, I always pre-assess on the skill to create my guided math groups.  When I conclude my instruction on a specific skill, I will informally assess using a form of Exit Tickets.  

If you would like to learn more about how I do Guided Math, click the image below...

Many Exit Tickets or Slips are quick one-page check-ins to assess whether the student has grasped or mastered the skill that was taught.  I wanted to take it a little further with my Exit Tickets because I wanted to assess my students ability to remember and apply key math terms, practice the skill that was taught and apply this skill in some type of problem solving question or task.

Here is a quick peek at my All About Time Tab-Its!

After my students complete the Tab-Its Exit Ticket, this will allow me to decipher which children need some additional teaching on a the concept and then I can pull those children during guided math to reteach that skill area.

If you would like to give one of my Math Tab-Its a try, click the image below to download my FREE Place Value Math Tab-Its.

If you would like to check out the entire Math Tab-Its Resource, click the image below....

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