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Craft Tutorial: Easy Flower Rings

Hello again everyone! It's Susanna from Whimsy Workshop Teaching, and today I'm sharing a little project I came up with that took my class by storm this year. I showed a few students how to make these little flower rings, and then sent them off to teach anyone else who wanted to learn (AFTER their work was done, of course!)

So if you're looking for something to keep little hands busy, this will do the trick. And they look so cute!

All you need is a pipe cleaner, a pencil (and some glue if you want to be all fancy about it!)

 All you do is wrap the pipe cleaner around a pencil and twist to make a loop. 

Do it again so the loops are right next to each other.


When you have five loops, bend them around so they look like a flower.There should be just enough pipe cleaner left to twist comfortably around your finger.  

I dropped a blob of glitter glue in the very middle of the flower pictured, but you could also add a bead, a jewel, a sequin, or how about a pom pom? 

Perfect for a craft center or early finishers. 
Once all of my students had made rings for ALL of their fingers, they started making rings for me. 

Trust me, I was seriously blinged out that day!

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Integrated Learning for Deep Understanding

Hello again everyone!
It's Susanna from Whimsy Workshop Teaching and today I'm sharing ways implement an integrated learning approach in your classroom.

There's a lot of attention on integrated learning as many schools are moving away from the traditional "single subject blocks" model, to a multi-subject, project-based model. 

Here's a quick video from Edutopia to explain the benefits of this approach for deeper learning.

Click for Introduction Video

 Project-based learning is perfect for this kind of approach because within each project there are multiple problems to solve, drawing from knowledge in various subject areas.

Our school had adopted Genius Hour as another way to facilitate project-based integrated learning. With this model, students spend 20% of their school time working on a project based on their own interests.

Click for introduction video

However, you don't have to adopt a whole new program or educational movement - you can simply choose projects that focus on more than one subject at time. 
Here are a few small ways to start, and some free activities to try:

1. Integrating Literature and Math

Any form of literature can be used as a springboard to math. I tell students "Did you know there are math problems hiding within every story? They are there - and it's our job to find them!"
For example, after reading the story of the Three Little Pigs, generate math questions for the class to solve. 
Invite students to do the same once they get the idea. 
Adapt the questions to your students' level.

*If each little pig had one cookie, how many cookies would they have altogether? 1+1+1=3

*If each little pig had 3 cookies, how many cookies would they have altogether? 3+3+3=9 or 3x2=9.

*Why didn't the brick house fall down? 

The advantages of inviting this sort of thinking: 

-It reinforces the idea that math is meaningful and useful in daily life.

- It creates a habit of looking for math outside of math time, which means more practice outside of the classroom.

- It’s a wonderful way to challenge those higher level thinkers, since they are learning to generate their own questions.

-It’s involves questions that are student-generated, which leads to more overall engagement, especially in small group challenges.

Grab this free template to use with younger students to create and solve story problems:

2. Integrating Drawing & Writing

 Traditionally students write journal entries or stories, and then illustrate later -- but we flip that idea and draw first! 

Once they've finished drawing, they are so motivated to write - because they are writing about their own adorable creations. Start with a topic such as "Draw yourself as a super-hero". 
Once the pictures are done, it's time to describe  super powers or amazing adventures! 

With younger students I use step-by-step drawing templates, such as the ones below.
You can try it yourself with these free templates.

3. Integrating Math and Writing

Another way we build pictures to write about: using dice games; this integrates art, writing and math.
In the example below, students roll dice and draw parts of a monster as directed. Roll to see which head to start with, then roll again for eyes, nose, mouth and ears. I would challenge older students to create their own templates.

The monsters always turn out different, and we can change the math rule (ie. double the number or triple the number, etc.) to challenge advanced students. You can make your own template, or grab this free game HERE in the preview for the set. Once the monster is created, students are motivated to write about it on differentiated templates!

 As with Genius Hour projects, students are eager to participate actively in their own learning because it is personal and FUN.

4. Tech and Reading
 Shared Reading with EPIC online

One more tip that has been a game-changer in terms of integrating technology into my daily Shared Reading time: EPIC Childrens Literature collection online. 
This is a favorite in my class because of the popular choices, and students are learning computer skills while they read.  You can make a free teacher account and let students explore the fantastic collection; click here to take a look.   

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Fun Math Apps for the Classroom

Hello Everyone! This is Susanna from Whimsy Workshop Teaching here today to share some great math apps!

As we all move ahead with using technology in our classrooms, things change so fast it can be hard to keep up! 
I recently attended a great Ed Tech presentation where teachers shared the math apps (between $0 - $5) that their students seemed to the most. 

I'm sharing that list with you today!        

Name: Math Tappers
Skill: Addition with fixed sum (ie. friends of 10) Choose the sum on the settings page, then simply tap the two numbers that add up to that total. Keep going until all the numbers are gone, then check progress.

NameMath Bingo
Skill: Basic facts practice; students win a cute big for each correct answer until they make five in a row. We play this as a whole class on the projector and they LOVE it!

Skill: Basic fractions practice; simple enough for independent practice.

Skill: Geometric Shapes with virtual elastics

Name: Number Pieces 
Skill: Place Value; count them up, or use to solve addition and subtraction problems.

Name: Hungry Fish  
Skill: Basic Facts practice; direct the fish around the eat the correct numbers.

If you need a few more math apps to try, click here to check out my full blog post.

I hope your students enjoy these new apps!


Advent Calendar Surprise - Day 8!

Hello Everyone! 

It's Susanna from over at 
Whimsy Workshop Teaching to share your 8th Day Christmas Advent Calendar goodies!

I have two goodies for you today.

First, here's a super fun freebie that you can use any time of year! Use it with any kind of building materials you have in the classroom. 
It's called Build, Count and Tell. 

This is #1 in my sub tub! 
Click HERE to grab it!

Another goodie! 
My best seller is 50% off today only! 
I use it myself almost every day! 
Click HERE to take a peek!

I hope you enjoy them, and come back tomorrow for more fun!

Best wishes from my family to yours this holiday season!

Literacy K-2 with YouTube

Hi Everyone! 
I'm so excited to be posting for the Primary Chalkboard for the first time! I haven't started back at school yet, but I am already gathering supplies, lessons and ideas to keep those little ones busy and learning!

If you watched my video during our huge YouTube Party Giveaway a few weeks ago, then you'll know that I'm a big fan of using Symbaloo to keep myself organized! Today I'm sharing a post where I've listed my students' favorite literacy videos! 

I hope you'll hop over to Whimsy Workshop Teaching and check them out! I'd love to hear about your favorite online resources too!