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Let's Have a Ch Party!

Hi friends! I am SO excited to be here! You can find me over at My Silly Firsties when I'm not blogging here at PC! I teach 1st grade in Dallas and I have the CUTEST babies ever this year. They are wild as heck so I am in teacher heaven!

I wanted to share a fun little activity we did today to practice "ch." I have a lot of ELLs this year (about 12/20) and we are really struggling with this sound in writing.  So I racked my brain and scoured pinterest and them remembered this adorable idea! 

Sarah Cooley is one of my FAVORITE bloggers and the first blog I really started stalking! I have had this pinned for years and just never really did it! So today we busted out the CH snacks and went to town! :)

So I only had about 30 minutes to dedicate to this so I didn't go as all out as I really wanted!

Last night, I went to Wal-mart and stocked up on snacks!

 I made a little parent letter for you in case you want to send it home and have them provide the snacks! Just click the picture to grab a copy!

Before they got to eat their snacks though, they had to come up with 25 words that have "ch" in it. They worked together as a table to make it a little easier and support some of my lower level readers and writers. :) We made an anchor chart yesterday (that I forgot to take pictures of...of course!!) and we have been finding them in our books constantly! 

I just gave them a sheet of manilla paper because I'm all about last minute!! But here is a little recording sheet if that's easier for you! Just click to grab it! :) 

I really wanted them to use chalk to write their words but Walmart was out of chalk...what?!? How does that happen?? 

Here are some other fun ideas I wish we could have done if we had more time! 

Our math coach had another great idea!! You could have all the kiddos wear nametags with a "Ch" name...but I could only come up with Chester, Chuckie, and Chip hahaha. 

Now that the partying is over, here are some products we will be using to get more independent practice in! 

Thanks so much for reading! I'd love to know what fun activities you do to teach digraphs!! :)