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Meet the New Chalkies! FREEBIES

Hello Primary Chalkboard Friends,

We are so excited over here because we have just welcomed 9 fantastic bloggers/friends into the Primary Chalkboard family!

Get ready, because they are so excited to share their experience, tips, and ideas with you!  Let's start right now.  Below you will find out a little about each new Chalkie, a link to one of their favorite products, AND a link to one of their spectacular FREEBIES! 

Greg's Favorites
Karen's Favorites
Shuna's Favorites
Heather's Favorites

2nd Grade Common Core Daily Math Review/Morning Work- April, May, & June Bundle $

Vicky's Favorites
Monica's Favorites
Casey's Favorites
Randi's Favorites
Naomi's Favorites

We would love for you to leave our new friends some love in the comments below!

Meet the Chalkies: Anna and Jessica

We are so excited you stopped by The Primary Chalkboard today! 

Greetings from 

You can just call us The Two Techy Teachers!  

We both have a L.O.V.E. of all things techy so we decided to add a little of our "techiness" to our introduction.  We hope you enjoy it!  Don't forget to check below for our fun little freebies that can be used to implement Daily 5!  We hope you enjoy them!!

And here it is....

Anna and Jessica!

(Just a little disclaimer...I know that I spelled "strength" incorrectly on the slide in the video :( I didn't have time to change it before it went live because I start school TOMORROW....Uggggh!) 

Click the iPod below to download 
Anna's Listen to Reading Mini-Book Journal!

Click the poster below
to download Jessica's Read to Self and 
Read to Someone anchor charts! 

When you have some time, check out our blogs!

Thanks again for stopping by The Primary Chalkboard and for getting to know us a little!

Meet the Chalkies: Daina & Nicole

It's Daina and Nicole here and we're so excited to introduce ourselves!
We have answered a few questions about ourselves to help you get to know us a little better! And at the end of our post, you'll find 2 Freebies that are exclusive to our Primary Chalkboard followers! We hope you enjoy them!


                  Click here for Space Unit                                Click here for What Kind of Reader Are You?
To learn even more about us, feel free to visit our blogs at any time! And thank you for being a Primary Chalkboard follower!
Mrs. Rios Teaches Second Grade

   And before you leave, don't forget to grab your freebies!

Meet the Chalkies: Deb and Latoya! and a FREEBIE!

Hi Everyone!

We both love teaching and can't wait for you to learn more about us!!

Click the picture to download your FREEBIE!!!!

Feel free to stop over at our blogs anytime!