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Sight Word Activities

5 Sight Word Activities that are FUN

Hi there, it's Emma from Clever Classroom.

I love creating resources that are a bit different and require an element of interaction, movement and fun.  You can view the interactive/hands-on resources in my store

This post has inexpensive center ideas that can not only be used with sight words, but with any word list. 

 Are you always on the look out for cheap and also recyclable materials for your students?  I love collecting and using inexpensive props for hands-on literacy activities.

Bottle tops and ping pong balls fall in to this category! There are so many things you can do with both bottle tops and ping-pong balls.

5 Sight Word Activities that are FUN

Use ping pong balls or bottle top lids to create fun, hands-on sight word centers.

Ask staff and students to bring in clean bottle tops.  You could hold a table competition to see who brings in the most tops.  Collect them in a container and write on the top of each lid with a permanent marker.

You can use any word list for the 5 activities mentioned below.

5 Sight Word Activities that are FUN

1. 5 Sight Word Activities that are FUN: Egg Carton Shake read Write

2. 5 Sight Word Activities that are FUN: Hockey Word Challenge

 I have created a whole bunch of bottle top activities with record sheets and instruction cards, all of which can be used with any word list. 

Bottle Cap Center Games for any Word List BUNDLE

3. 5 Sight Word Activities that are FUN: Count Toss and Record

4. 5 Sight Word Activities that are FUN: Blow your Lid

5. 5 Sight Word Activities that are FUN: Woggle

Find more of these games in our Bottle Top Games bundle.

For even more sight word ideas, see my blog post.

Thanks for dropping by.

Emma Farrell - Clever Classroom

Integrating Art and Writing

Hello Everyone! 
It's Susanna here from Whimsy Workshop Teaching, and I have some fun drawing ideas to share with you today. 

I teach a multi-age class, so I'm used to finding ways to differentiate for students whose ability ranges from Kindergarten to Grade 3. 

When possible, this is accomplished by open-ended projects. Other times, I simply make different versions of the same activity so that all students are well supported. (Sometimes I will put those different versions out and let them choose, which is an interesting study in student confidence and attitude!)

I also try to integrate subject areas whenever possible, mixing writing and math together, or even social studies and Physical Education! 

The two that most naturally seem to go together for me are writing and art. Since my students love directed drawing, I've mixed some with writing prompts to go along with them - everything is right there on the page.

If you'd like to try this yourself, there's a FREE set of printables over on my blog! {click HERE}

You can also grab the whole BUNDLE - perfect for literacy centers, Home Writing, sub tubs, or just fun art lessons!

You might enjoy drawing these along with your students!