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Tips For Cooking In The Classroom

Aloha everyone! It's Corinna from Surfin' Through Second.

Does the thought of "cooking" in your classroom send chills up your spine?  Many teachers shy away from cooking activities for many reasons.  It can be costly, messy, food allergies, no equipment and sometimes very time consuming.

Kids love eating and when you tell them they get to cook they go nuts! Here are some tips and tricks to make cooking fun and easy in your classroom.

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*Send home a letter in the beginning of the year telling parents you plan to cook in the classroom.  Ask for donations of bowls, mixing spoons, plastic cutting boards, any kitchen utensils you might need. Parents are always happy to donate instead of throwing their old items away or giving them to Goodwill.  You can also ask for dry food donations such as graham crackers if you know ahead of time what you plan on making.

*You can also pick up measuring cups, spoons and bowls at your local dollar store.

*Cooking does not mean you have to use heat!  I tell my students that cooking is preparing food to eat.
   Choose recipes that are easy and inexpensive for students to prepare.

*Check for any particular food allergies your kids have and plan your recipes accordingly.

*Plan for one cooking project per month.  I usually plan around a theme.

September/Back To School-Apples/Seeds/Fruit






March-Green/St. Patrick's Day



*Set up your project like a center and have other students at their desks doing a related activity.

*Put all of their recipes into a class/individual cookbook.

I always start the year making a fruit salad.  I ask all children to bring in a piece of fruit. Some do and some don't.  We seem to always have enough to share.  The students all cut the fruit they brought and if a friend doesn't bring in a piece they can help stir and serve.

I type out a recipe page for each recipe we make.  I am working on getting them all together into one cookbook.  It should be finished soon! I just updated my fruit salad recipe page.  Click on the picture to grab it in Google Docs.

Students read the recipe page and then color it.  They glue their recipes into their own personal
recipe book.  Simply take ten pieces of 9x12 construction paper and bind it together. They can add to it throughout the year and then take home all of their recipes.

If you would like a more detailed description of how I cook in my classroom click {HERE}.

I have a great Pinterest Board with tons of fun ideas for cooking with kids.

I hope you are inspired to try a few new recipes in your class this year.  
Have fun!!