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Last Week of School Ideas to keep you Sane

Hi my friends!  It's Vicky here from Teaching and Much Moore!  I have 9 days left ~ I know some of you are done or VERY close to being done...some of you still have about a month.  { sorry }  But either way it's coming whether we are ready or not.  I will miss my 3rd graders so so much that's for sure!  I want to make sure their last week is special and memorable!  So here's what I like to do:  I make it a 'theme' week so everyday they have something to look forward to and { are kept kinda busy } right?!?

Monday:  Crazy Sock Day

Tuesday:  Read a Thon Day

* Let them bring in blankets, pillows and their favorite books.  They can spread out and read with their friends.

Wednesday:  Board Game Day

* Push your tables aside and let your kids spread out on the floor playing their favorite board games!  They can bring in the games and play with their friends.  I always make sure they clean up the previous game before moving on to the next one so we don't lose any game pieces.

Thursday:  Autograph Shirt Day

They LOVE doing this!  I make sure in my parent letter that they bring in a shirt they don't mind ruining in a sense with sharpie names.  My student wear this shirt the following year and always come up to me...such fun!

Friday :  Field Day
Take the fun outdoors!

As you can see you can keep that last week organized and SANE!!!  Plan something special every day and it will actually be more enjoyable for you!

If you are dying to try this:  I have a pack that includes a parent letter and a response page for each of these days so your kids can do the same things:  Easy and done for you!


Hope you love the ideas!!  Happy { almost } summer!
xo, Vicky