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Parent Input Freebie

Hello, Hello!!!

It's Lisa from Growing Firsties dropping by today to talk a bit about getting Parent Input.

Over the last few years I've been pretty jazzed about Growth Mindset. You may have already seen this recent Primary Chalkboard post or this Growing Firsties post.

Smile if you like getting input from your students' parents at the beginning of the year about their child's learning style and personality. (Did ya smile? Hope so!)

Back in April, when I started thinking about my new crop of students, I started thinking about how I could get different input from parents...mindset-based input.

'Cuz, at the very beginning of the year, before I reallllly know my students, it's helpful to know which students may...

need extra organizational help

be reluctant to try something new

are reading at the beginning of the year benchmark, but it was lots of hard work to get there

benefit from close support to learn routines

For some students, the above characteristics are pretty easy to see...but in others, the ones who stay under the radar a bit, not so much.

Sarah has a GREAT post about her parent input form - you can read it by clicking {right here}.

I like to hit the ground running as much as possible, so this is the Parent Input Form I developed.
Growing Firsties Primary Chalkboard

Here's a bit of a closer look:
Growing Firsties Primary Chalkboard

You can download it by clicking either of the above pictures. It's a zipped (compressed) file because one of the formats is EDITABLE. can make it work for YOU and YOUR context. :) I hope you find it helpful!!!

Day 12 "Advent"ure

Hello, Fab Followers!!!

Lisa, here, from Growing Firsties, checking in to share a little fun on Day 12 of our Primary Chalkboard Advent Calendar!

For today ONLY, I'll be offering my Common Core Crunch Bundles for 35% off the individual pricing!

The January to May Bundle packs, individually priced, are $20...the bundle is normally $17.50...but for TODAY ONLY, you can snag each of them up for $13!!!

And the September to October Bundle packs, individually priced, are $16...the bundle is normally $14...but for TODAY ONLY, you can snag each one up for $9!!!

This deal applies to the ELA and the Math bundles! Click any pic to get to it on TpT!





I have two freebies for you to snap right up...

The first one includes a printable (w/answer key) and matching center that helps your little spellers...

The second one is a little graphing printable...

And...have you seen this?

I posted it over on my facebook and instagram pages and folks were loving it! The lovely ladies over at #2superteachers had their students learn their elf name and illustrate a picture of themselves as the elf! How cute is that???? I've got that one in my back pocket for next week, when I miss prep time due to meetings and a concert. :)

Hope these can help save (at least some of) your sanity during this bizzzzzzy month!!!

Thanks for stopping by the Primary Chalkboard!! Maybe I'll see you over at ----

Big smiles to you all! Lisa