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Using Poems in the Classroom

Hi friends!  It's Vicky from Teaching and Much Moore ~ Can you believe it's September already?  Geesh this year is flying by!
I'm so excited to share some ideas I have with today.  Do you incorporate poems in the classroom across the curriculum?  If not consider trying it are some ideas:  

When I taught first grade I used them everyday during our reading group rotations.  They would highlight sight words and respond to the poem in some way.  Here's a sample of that:

I think using poems to teach concepts is so important whenever possible.  Poems/songs/rhymes help kids to learn concepts and offer a different modality to their learning style.  I have kids that chant these multiplication poems while working on their facts.  KIDS remember songs & chants much better than they remember by you showing them something.

These poems were made because the kids at my school already learned this in 2nd grade!  I added a plane and a bed to match and now as they are working on tests or assignments I hear them chant quietly: 4 or less let it rest, 5 or more let it soar!
It makes my heart happy to know that something I taught them sticks with them and makes their life easier!

So whenever possible try and incorporate poems or songs into your teaching day.  Kids come back to me years later and still sing a song I taught them at calendar time to teach them math concepts.  We all want our students to be successful in the classroom why not try this if you haven't incorporated it yet?  
P.S. They don't care if you can't sing. LOL  ~ I can't but they still think I 'rock it'.
xo, Vicky