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Labor Day Ideas for the Classroom

Sometimes, Labor Day gets skipped over during the month of September because of how busy curriculum starts off. If there is any freedom in your curriculum, it's a great holiday to incorporate. Reading, social studies, speaking and listening, and more! 

1. Host a Career Day
-Invite parents or other student family members to come into your classroom to chat about their jobs. One year, my grade level invited six people to come and the classes rotated through each room. The six helpers talked for about 10 minutes, then did a little activity for their career with each class. 
Here is a great article from eHow on hosting an elementary Career Day.
Check out these darling decorations for Career Day from KC School Counselor Chic.

2. Teach a Community Helpers Unit
-Community Helper and Labor Day go hand in hand. This is when I have always taught my community helper units. I tried to make the unit cross-curricular, so we incorporated them in our math, in our reading centers, and into our content lessons.
 Check out these two activities for community helpers from Life in First Grade and Primary Punch 
 Writing, math, interactive activities, and more in this unit!

3. Back to Basics: Reading and Social Studies
-If you only have one or two days to teach Labor Day and can't afford to give up the week to do community helpers unit, teach the nonfiction meaning behind Labor Day. 
 (Source: No Time for Flash Cards)
 These two paired texts are part of my Paired Passages sets!

4. Make It Crafty
-Kids love arts and crafts! As long as you're making the craft meaningful, it'll work great in your Labor Day unit!
(Source: Crayola)
(Source: Easy Breezy
(Source: JAM Blog)

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Intermediate Back to School Tips and eBook FREEBIE

Summer is coming to an end and it's time to start setting those alarm clocks again!  Whether you've already headed back to school or are getting ready to in the next few weeks, the members of The Primary Chalkboard have been hard at work compiling helpful Back to School tips and a FREE eBook!  Below is our Intermediate eBook and our K-2 friends have also created a Primary eBook.  Now you have several resources ready to print and use from day one.  Check them out and have a WONDERFUL school year!

Here are some tips!!

I hope you liked our tips and eBook!

- The Intermediate Chalkies