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Celebrate Mother's Day in your Classroom with the Chalkies!!!

Hi All!!!
It's Latoya from Flying into First!!!
MOMS are the BEST!!!!
As Mother's Day approaches we want to give you some ways to celebrate Mothers in a big way.  It is very nice to help your kiddos to make projects, cards, etc. for their moms.  I stress to my students that they do not have to go out and buy an expensive gift.  They can give a handmade gift that comes from the heart.
Check out these Mother's Day FREEBIES!!!
Here is a free class book that I made that you can make with your kiddos to help them organize their thoughts.  They will tell one reason of why they love their mom.  They can then use that sentence to write a nice message on a handmade card.  Click the pic to download for FREE!!!

Check out our wonderful Lisa's blog post over at Growing Firsties which includes a Mother's day FREEBIE!!!  Lets just say your class mommies will be enjoying breakfast in bed!!!  Click the pic to check it out!!

Here are some fabulous Mother's Day products from some of our Chalkie authors!!!
Our fabulous Karen Jones of Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten has a fabulous craftivity that you can check out!!!  Your class moms would love this!
Flowers for Mom: A Mother's Day Craftivity Book and Gift

Check out these cool flip flap cards from our fantastic Anna over at Simply Skilled in Second.
They are so neat!!
Mother's Day and Father's Day Flip Flap Cards
Our great Katie of Teacher to the Core has a packet that will make mommies feel like super heroes!!  Check it out below!!
My Parents Are Super Heroes! Mother's Day and Father's Day Cards
You can check out some more cute craftivities from Jessica over at First Grade Nest.  Students will get to show off their great writing too!!!
Mother's Day Craftivity and Writing Unit

Here is my Mother's Day packet that you can check out by clicking below!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!
Here is a pic of me and my mommy from long ago lol!!!

Before you go....share with us what you do in your classroom for Mother's Day!!!!!