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Christmas Lights Card and a Freebie

Hi all, it's Emma from Clever Classroom.  

I'm a little bit excited about Christmas.  How about you?  Come on, just a little bit? 

I love this time of year because after we wind down, we can spend time with family and friends and actually relax a bit!   I hope you have plans to relax too. 

I also love this time of year for the decorations and yummy food, ah the food, the dessert, the candy .... oh, I digress!

Anyway, I wanted to bring you a Christmas card idea that is really simple and only needs a few materials.

Christmas Lights Card and a Freebie

Are you making cards with your students for their families this year?

If you are and you are after something a bit different, then you might like this idea. 

I used my all time favorite throw away material..... bottle caps!

Christmas Lights Card and a Freebie

Yes, if you know me and my blog, I'm crazy for bottle caps!  I even have a Pinterest board for brilliant bottle cap ideas! 

Okay,  here's what you do to create this simple card with your students!

You will need:

one piece of paper per child, folded in half
glue (glue sticks)
ribbon (if you don't have ribbon, students could draw on the string in different lengths. 
bottle caps
and glitter


1. Fold the page in half.
2. Cut string at different lengths. Paste on the string (not too close to the edge - see picture).
3. Print bottle caps, flat side down onto the paint and under the string.
4. Sprinkle glitter on over the wet paint.
5.  Allow to dry and write on the front and inside of the card. 

All done!

 As it's almost Christmas, I wanted to give you a little freebie to say thank you for supporting our blog.

I am so grateful that you drop by to see what we're doing here in the Primary Chalkboard blog.

We have BIG things planned for the December so be sure to pop back in.

Christmas Printables for any Word List freebie

I hope this freebie helps you plan out your centers this December.

For more Christmas resource that will surely save you time this December, pop by my store, I have dozens of Christmas resources!

Christmas resources, craft and a freebie

Classroom Management Legos Style!

Hi all, my name is Emma Farrell and I blog over at Clever Classroom.  I am so excited because this is my first time blogging here at the Primary Chalkboard and the first time ever on a collaborative blog.  I sure am honored to be in such fine company.

Classroom Management Legos Style! Clever Classroom via Primary Chalkboard

I am here to share with you this exciting and very simple classroom management strategy I cooked up. I hope you find it useful. 

It's so simple to implement and your students will love it.

You will need:

1 x legos board
Colored lego rectangles or squares

That's it!

Classroom Management Legos Style!

If you don't have legos, you could use any other construction toys you have like duplo or wooden blocks (the smaller ones).

Each table group (or any other group) will be allocated a color.  If you already use color names for your tables and they don't match your legos, just allocate colors that are close. 

When a table is working towards their goal, on task, helpful, display great manners, working in a team, in pairs or whatever your goal, a student places one piece of lego on the board and each time students add the same colored legos to their tower. 

Classroom Management Legos Style!

The team with the highest legos tower is the winning table/group at the end of the day or week, depending on how you want to implement it. 

Classroom Management Legos Style!

You can even add half bricks instead of a full brick, depending on what you are rewarding. 

It's ideal if you can outline your expectations and social skills at the beginning of the year to revisit them and have them as your success criteria. 

You could also create an anchor chart with your students about expectations of tables or table work.  Use  such frameworks us; students look like, sound like, have. 
Or students at tables; are, have, can, will. 

I hope this helps your classroom management program this year.

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