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8 New Chalkboard Faces!!

This morning, one of our fabulous Chalkies posted about the very exciting Back to School Sale starting tomorrow at TPT.

BUT!!!!! There is something SO much more important and special to the bloggers of The Primary Chalkboard... and that is our new members. We just added 8 new members to our collaborative blog.
You may notice that some of these bloggers aren't K-2. That's right. We've expanded our blog range through sixth grade. We will still be bringing you tons of GREAT ideas on our blog with more of a range. 

Primary Chalkboard will now serve all K-6 elementary teachers! Because we love ALL of you.

On to the FUN part... let's meet our new friends. 

Did you HEAR the NEWS??!

Hi Friends....Thanks for stopping by the Primary Chalkboard today!

Did you hear the NEWS??!!  TPT is hosting their Back to School Sitewide Sale!!!  Woooohooo!

So are you ready to get on your Shoppin' Shoes???!!  If so, head on over to our Chalkie Stores to get your "shop" on!

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Student Rewards - AWESOME Buttons

Hi everyone,

I'm Valerie from All Students Can SHINE and I am SO happy to be here!

My school has a SUPERHERO theme that we use during the year. I love this theme because the kids really get into it and we have lots of fun with it! Last year, we had some great discussions about what makes us a hero. We also shared our personal 'super powers'. It was a great way to encourage the kids to find something good in everyone!

I made these super cute buttons that I plan on handing out to my students when they do something OUTSTANDING. They will be able to wear it all day and show everyone just how AWESOME they are! 
What better way to share their good news with everyone!

Come read all about it on my blog and grab yourself a copy for FREE!

 All Students Can SHINE Blog


Sweet Summer Freebie

Even though it’s beach season, some of my pals are teaching right now. So this little freebie is with them in mind. ABC order is the perfect skill to address vocabulary acquisition.
This little snippet is up in the corner of each page: “CCSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.L.6 I can learn new words (general, academic, and domain specific). Knowing these words helps me with my reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This will help me get ready for college or my career.”
Sweet Summer Freebie to help young students with Vocabulary Acquisition.  Your English Language Learners will especially benefit from the picture of every word ! Of course I am going to be using this baby my first week back as well !(13 more days until school starts). Until then, I am sleeping in, working out, poolside, beach combing, and sweet tea drinking!

Hop on over to my blog to grab this little baby!

VEGAS BABY! The TpT *Double or Nothing* Sale!

Look out! Teachers are STORMING VEGAS!

We are in town for the SDE and TpT Conferences,
meeting up with teachers and bloggers from around the WORLD. 
How cool is that?! 
This is also the first official gathering of The Primary Chalkboard!

If you can't be here with us, what better way to celebrate than with a SALE?! 
We are hosting a *Las Vegas Style* Double or Nothing Sale!

It is the perfect time to stock up on things for Back to School!
Check out our PC stores, as well as our other blogging friends that are on sale! 

The ABCs of Summer...for Teachers

Happy Summer, friends! It's Laura from Peace, Love, and First Grade!

I'm here to share with you a little summer fun.

The ABCs of Summer...for Teachers!

Hope you enjoy!

Have a fun week!


Last Week of School { *yippee* } Ideas

Hi all it's Vicky here...this is my LAST week of school. { insert yippee face here - although I'm sad too...such a great class! } How about you?!?  I'm sure some of you are already out and enjoying your summer but I still have a few more days.  What do I do to keep them busy you ask?!?  Well I know we have all seen the last week memory type products that are wonderful but...why not add even more fun!?! 
This is what I usually have planned for the last week and the kids look forward to it each year!
Each day of the last week we plan something you can see Monday was crazy sock day ~ just for our grade level.  Tuesday was otter pop day...sometimes we include field day with this.  Wednesday they bring in a shirt ( PE shirt maybe ) that can be 'written' on and all their friends sign it...of course I wear one they can sign too. :o)  Thursday is Pajama Day and a read a thon, fort building day and Friday is board game day.  Thursday and Friday we push all the desks to the sides of the room and they can spread out to play, read, etc.  It's fun, super simple and keeps the kids busy with something other than paper and pencil.  What do you do the last week?