Primary Chalkboard: Meet the Chalkies ~ Laura, Christy & Tammy

Meet the Chalkies ~ Laura, Christy & Tammy

 We're bringing you peace, love and butterflies this Monday here on the Primary Chalkboard!
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 Keep reading for a friendship freebie from Peace, Love & First Grade below...
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In celebration of first grade friends, we're each sharing an exclusive Primary Chalkboard freebie with you!
Click each picture below to download your friendship freebies!
How do you help your kiddos make friends?
We'd love to know...


  1. Love this blog and your enthusiasm for teaching kids, its contagious! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Ilove getting to know about other teachers and what drives their passion.


  3. I love that ladies, "Cheerleaders with pencils" :)

  4. LOVED this post, Chalkies!!!! got to LISTEN to Marie Clay??? That is SOOOO cool!!!!

    Christy & the cheerleaders piece! And...I soooo miss job sharing...I did it for four years and it was amazing!!!

    Hugs - Lisa

  5. You all are amazing teachers and bloggers. I am so happy to get to know you a bit more:)

    Surfin' Through Second

  6. Talking with your pencil!! LOVE IT! ;) Thanks for sharing what makes you tick! ;) I love getting a peek at what drives others that I admire so very much! ;) Love you ladies! :) So glad to be a Chalkie with you! ;) Great stuff here today! :)

  7. Thanks for sharing all about yourselves and this great activities:-)

  8. Hi guys! I am excited about this blog! It looks like a great collaborative group! Laura, I love your Creative Clip kiddos on your freebie! She is a great clip artist. I am excited to use this activity in my classroom!

  9. Just got home a little while ago from our Curriculum Night and I am wiped! I wanted to see what my girls were up to and let you know that I am enjoying all these great posts!!!
    Deb at Fabulously First

  10. these are great "making friends" resources! thank you!!

    Table Talk with C & C

  11. Thanks for the freebies! The How to Make a Friend papers will come in handy when we start our How To unit in writer's workshop!! :)

    Sliding into First!