Primary Chalkboard: Egg-stra Easter Eggs Lying Around? Use Them In Your Classroom!

Egg-stra Easter Eggs Lying Around? Use Them In Your Classroom!

Wow! I can't believe that's it's Easter Sunday tomorrow! This year is really flying by. This is a great time of year to start collecting tiny plastic eggs to use in your classroom for Spring Centers. Your students probably have a few lying around at home that you can ask parents for, you may have some from your own children, nephews or nieces, and there's got to be a few co-workers that can snag some for you!
Collecting them is easy, and turning them into fun centers is even easier! Here are some ideas that I found:

Here's how Janaye from Frogs and Cupcakes used her eggs for a great math center!
Little Bins for Little Hands, used their eggs to hide small objects that would make counting fun!

These eggs were used for matching rhyming and matching math facts. The possibilities are endless!

Other Ideas:
Building Compound Words
Reading Word Families
Blending Sounds 
Sorting by Color
Reading Questions Placed Inside of Eggs.
Sight Word Practice
Matching Parts of Speech
Matching Opposites

Check out more ideas that I pinned on the Primary Chalkboard Pinterest Page! 


Happy Easter to you all! Have fun creating new fun and colorful centers!! 

Mrs. O'Brien