Primary Chalkboard: Donors Choose... Choose YES

Donors Choose... Choose YES

Hola, peeps!  Stacy here visiting from over at Funky Fresh Firsties with a quick post about Donors Choose.  Please tell me that you do Donors Choose projects in your classroom!  {pretty please}  If you said yes, congrats and you probably already know what great things can happen in your classroom b/c of the generosity of complete strangers!  If you haven't started yet...  out of fear of not knowing what to do, or what to ask for... or fear of how much time it will take...  well, have NO fear!  One of the first things I put in my store when I started this journey 2 years ago was a quick start guide to Donors Choose.  You can find it by clicking the picture below.
I hope that it will answer any questions you have, give you some pointers on getting funded quickly, and qualm any fears you might have.  Please feel free to stop by my Facebook page for more freebies, teacher humor, and ideas for primary teachers!  Hope y'all will have a great LONG holiday weekend!


  1. Love this! I teach in a high poverty area and the most generous donations from Donors Choose have put pencils in my students' hands and books in our library. My students are also learning a valuable lesson in giving back to the community. Thanks for spreading the good word :) Jen

  2. Thaaaaaaaank you for sharing this!

  3. This is great! I have had one project funded from Donors Choose. I got a whole new set of non-fiction books for my classroom. I would love to get technology like iPads but the new rule is that it would stay with the school not the teacher. Have you heard about this? Just wondering if it was my state. Thanks for sharing this!
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  4. I am writing a new proposal right now! Thanks for sharing some great tips!