Primary Chalkboard: No Worksheet Wednesday #1!

No Worksheet Wednesday #1!

Welcome to our first official No Worksheet Wednesday!!
This linky will run every Wednesday throughout the month of March!

Why are we doing this?
*We are strong advocates for authentic learning experiences within the classroom.
*We know hands-on, active learning is critical to our students' development.
*We believe that learning activities that promote THINKING are the most powerful activities we can provide for our students.
*We want to showcase and promote these types of activities for our followers! :) 
*We understand there is a time and place for worksheets in the classroom. However, we know worksheets are just one part of our classrooms, so lets put a spotlight on the other parts of our rooms! :) :) :)

To join us, make a vow not to use a single worksheet every Wednesday for the month of March.  (Remember, recording sheets that allow students to record their thinking are not worksheets. Writing paper and journals are a great way to embed authentic writing into your lessons without the need for a "worksheet.")

Each week, take pictures and blog about a couple activities you did for No Worksheet Wednesday. Share those pictures and activities on your blog and then link up with us on the Primary Chalkboard to share with others!  The linky party is below this post. 

Please be sure to grab the button at the top of this post and use it in your blog post. Link back to us in your post.  The linky button will be open from Wednesday morning at 6:00am EST to 11:00pm EST on Tuesday.  Then, the next week's "party" will begin! :)

We can't WAIT to read all of the amazing hands-on learning activities you come up with! :)


  1. I love this! Thank you so much for hosting!

  2. Great idea !

  3. How do I find your FB page? Thanks, Barb

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