Primary Chalkboard: First Days of School Ideas & a * FREEBIE *

First Days of School Ideas & a * FREEBIE *

Hi friends!  It's Vicky here from Teaching and Much Moore!  I'm so excited to share some fun back to school ideas with you.  I know, I know don't say it right?!?

But whether we are ready or not here it comes!  So, I thought I would take some of the pain away.  Here are some ideas/do's and dont's for you:

It's always fun to have a photo op/backdrop or sign on the first day and capture a picture.  Even if you don't make a memory book for your kids it's great to put on a magnet for the parents for back to school night or have on the desks for back to school night.  
Making sure the newer kids have buddies is a BIG one for me.  I was never the new kids but can imagine how overwhelming it might be.  Giving them a buddy to hang out with at recess can easily be forgotten but it's very important.  Also the school tour is another big one especially for those new kids.  It really eases any anxiety they might have.

Things WON'T go perfect I can tell you that!  Someone will show up that wasn't on your list that was added at the last minute, someone might be will be crying if you teach the lower grades.  There's a lot going on the first day - just roll with it, be flexible for those things and from the start be consistent with your expectations.  Don't forget to SMILE!!!!

Thanks for sticking with me on the do's and don'ts now:  if you teach the little guys I have a great freebie for you!

I hope you got some new ideas and enjoy the freebie!  Happy first day to all of you whether it's coming up or not until September! xox