Primary Chalkboard: Advent Calendar Day 6 - A Craft, A Freebie, And A SALE!

Advent Calendar Day 6 - A Craft, A Freebie, And A SALE!

Hi everyone,

It's Valerie from All Students Can Shine
and I am here to bring you some fun treats for our
Advent Calendar Countdown!

Today, I'm sharing a craft tutorial, a freebie, and a sale!
Yay for holiday treats!!

Looking for a fun craft to make with your students? 

This snowflake is so EASY to make and the kids LOVE doing it every year!

I know it looks complicated but trust me when I say it is EASY!
I made them with my grade one class yesterday :)

You can follow my tutorial HERE.
I also left a FREE printable tutorial for you to take to your class :)

In case you haven't grabbed your holiday freebie yet,
check out my Holiday Coupon Book!

My Christmas printables will be a SALE all day today at 50% off!

Don't forget to check back with us tomorrow to see what goodies are up next!



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  1. Thank you Valerie! I love the snowflake! Thank you for the tutorial. Here's hoping I can actually do it! :) I also love those coupons. Thanks!