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Sweet Holiday Measuring!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Happy Holidays, Winter! lol...I'm not sure what you are allowed to call it at your school, but in most places it has become "winter" instead of Christmas!

These measuring ideas, however, could be used for measuring during this month, no matter WHAT you call it!

My measurement unit normally doesn't fall during the holidays, but this year it did, which has been a BLAST! We've measured with holiday flavored M&M's, candy canes, gingerbread name it!

My camera wasn't with me when we did our candy cane measuring yesterday, but it was so much fun! I brought in mini and regular sized candy canes and had students first estimate the lengths of objects, then measure them with their mini and regular candy canes. YUMMY non-standard units are so fun!!!

I made this FREEBIE to go along with this candy cane measuring center! Feel free to grab it and if you like it, please leave me some feedback! CLICK here to download this free math center!

Thanks for stopping by!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :)

Remembering Sandy Hook

Paper Craftiness For December

Aloha friends, it's Corinna from Surfin' Through Second.  

I am posting some fun and easy paper crafts for your kiddos for the month of December.  I do these every year and my students always enjoy making these simple crafts.

The first is a construction paper stocking.  I often have students who do not celebrate Christmas, so I make a winter stocking.

 I use cool colored construction paper and make several stocking templates that have
holes punched around them.
 Fold a 12x18 piece in half and have your students trace their stocking.
 Once they cut it out, have them hole punch the two sides together.
 Then give them a piece of yarn to sew their pieces together.
 Students then use 3-4 cotton balls for the fur.  Just pull them apart slightly 
so they don't look so round.
 Then I write their name in cursive with glue and let them glitter it up.

 They really love making these!  Just make sure for your younger crew
to add a piece of masking tape at the end of the yarn so it doesn't unravel.

Click {HERE} for the stocking template.

 This is another fun and easy craft.
 Draw diagonal lines with markers on a 8.5 x 11 piece of Xerox paper.
 Rolle it up tight and then fold it over on the top.  You can make lots of different
colors.  Once your students make one they will want to make more!
They can put their candy canes right in their stockings or use them to decorate.

If you are looking for something  more challenging you 
can always have your students Elf themselves.

This is a bit more complicated, but makes a super cute ornament.  Just click
on the picture to grab this freebie template.

I hope these crafts will help keep your little elves busy and happy during this month!!


FREEBIE - Find, Tally & Graph Christmas

I'm so happy to be dropping by for a super-dee-duper quick little post today! 

Lisa here, from Growing Firsties...

I just love the holiday season...though I will say my to-do list is eleventy million miles long!! Surely, you're in the same situation!!!

My class has been BEGging me for another Find, Tally, I obliged...and wanted to share with you, too!!!!

Just click the pic to snag it up. :)

The warmest of holidays to you all!!!

Would love for you to stop by and say hello over at Growing Firsties...

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It's coming, teachers!
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A Freebie and Surprise!

Hey y'all!
I'm Faith from 1st Grade Fantabulous and I have been looking forward to this blog post for awhile.  First off, I hope everyone had an incredible Thanksgiving!  Every year, I spend Thanksgiving with my entire family and when I say entire, I mean the cousins, grandparents, uncles, nieces, nephews… yeah, I know… you get the point.  Thanksgiving to me is the start of all the fun for the next month.  Speaking of which, if you know me I LOVE like really, really LOVE surprises.  Typically, surprises are the gifts my hubby and I are getting for our 6 nieces and nephews (Yep - 6 and of the 6 there are 2 sets of twins).  I have NO idea what to get the 3 year old girls and the 7 year old boys this year, so if you have any ideas, throw them in the comment section :)  I promise I'll read them.

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Have a great time!  Oh, and since I know there are always a few friends that aren't on Facebook here's a freebie from me that is always a favorite over on my blog.

Happy Black Friday!
Faith :)