Primary Chalkboard: A Freebie and Surprise!

A Freebie and Surprise!

Hey y'all!
I'm Faith from 1st Grade Fantabulous and I have been looking forward to this blog post for awhile.  First off, I hope everyone had an incredible Thanksgiving!  Every year, I spend Thanksgiving with my entire family and when I say entire, I mean the cousins, grandparents, uncles, nieces, nephews… yeah, I know… you get the point.  Thanksgiving to me is the start of all the fun for the next month.  Speaking of which, if you know me I LOVE like really, really LOVE surprises.  Typically, surprises are the gifts my hubby and I are getting for our 6 nieces and nephews (Yep - 6 and of the 6 there are 2 sets of twins).  I have NO idea what to get the 3 year old girls and the 7 year old boys this year, so if you have any ideas, throw them in the comment section :)  I promise I'll read them.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Since I LOVE surprises, I have a surprise for you!  Have you ever been to shopping on Black Friday?  Well, my friends and I decided that since we know you will be loading up at the TPT sale in a few days and probably grabbing a few gifts for family this weekend that we would offer you a once in a lifetime experience - a Summer in December Hop.  All the products will be items you can use either in the summer or even in December.  I also have to tell y'all, I've gone through every item and it doesn't matter if you teach first grade or second grade, you will definitely be able to use everything at some point.  Oh yeah, and I almost forgot - ALL the items are FREE!!!!  It only lasts for two days so make sure you jump on it!  You just have to click on the button below and it will take you to my girl Katie.

Have a great time!  Oh, and since I know there are always a few friends that aren't on Facebook here's a freebie from me that is always a favorite over on my blog.

Happy Black Friday!
Faith :)


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  2. Thanks for hosting this Facebook Freebie Hop! What a great way to get followers and share the learning love! Thanks so much! I am going to print and laminate the Summer in December bundles so that they will be ready to spread some sunshine when the snow hits here in the Midwest!

    I am also going to give your event a huge shout out on my blog today at!


  3. Thanks for the book report freebie- it's a quick and clear way for my kids to reflect on the books they've been reading. Ill definitely be using these for homework :)

  4. So excited for the hop!! Thanks for the great freebie, Faith!!!! Woohoo!

  5. Loved the Facebook hop- lots of fun! And my Firsties will have fun with the book report forms- thanks!