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A "Must" Read for Teachers

Hi Everyone!

Lisa from Growing Firsties popping in to share an amaaaaaazing children's novel.

My school district has been moving to a full-inclusion model and my new school has been doing a book study on The Principal's Handbook for Leading Inclusive Schools, which is FILLED with powerful nuggets and tips! The discussion we're having is fantastic, as well! True collaboration.

That said, somehow THIS book is the one that is REALLLLY speaking to me...bringing it all home...

Told by Melody, a young girl who has an absolutely BRILLIANT mind, yet is unable to communicate verbally....she has WAAAAAY more in her head than she is able to express. She notices anything and everything and has many thoughts about it all.

Having it told from her perspective both humbles and inspires me, for I have had students with disabilities that make communication difficult for them. I always thought that I championed all of my students to be the best "them." This book inspires me to be even more so.

A powerful read for sure.

What books have impacted you as a person and/or as a teacher? Though, I guess if it impacts you as a person, it also impacts you as a teacher. Please share in the comments!

Also, I'm curious...if you've read this book and have an opinion on which grade level(s) it would best be suited for as a read aloud.

Note Taking in Science and Social Studies with a Freebie!

Hello Again Friends!

This is Jen Bengel from Out of This World Literacy.  I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the first few weeks back after their holiday break!

I wanted to share a couple of note taking templates I put together.  I homeschool my kids and needed something to help my fifth grader keep track of his learning in both science and social studies.

This is my son, Greyson.  He is a bit of a goofball and would prefer spending his time playing minecraft and having neighborhood nerf wards over studying science and social studies!

So, I created these note taking templates for him.  So far, they are working great for him!

Like many students his age, my son needed more structure than to be told, 'take notes.'

I hope you can find some use for these in your classroom too!

Best wishes!
Jen Bengel
Out of This World Literacy

Martin Luther King, Jr. Products Giveaway and Freebies!!!

Hi everyone!  It's Latoya from Flying into First Grade !!!

As you gear up for Martin Luther King, Jr. week with your kiddos we are happy to announce that The Primary Chalkboard is having a MLK, Jr. giveaway!!!  As you scroll down you will see many great products that you can win!!!  Check out the products below!!!
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Good Luck!!!

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Don’t Burn Out in the New Year

Right, moms? #someecards #funny #moms

Listen Friends as you move into 2015, be gentle with yourself. If you are anything like me you probably worked on school stuff over Christmas Break, set a million resolutions, and have 5 students who make you want to pull your hair out!

new family pictures

Not to mention your family at home who needs you. So just look at who and what is important. Think about what is really doable today, and just do the next right thing.

Don’t push so hard that you burn out early.  I am taking my own advice and getting in a bubble bath.

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No Need for Back to School Blues

Hi my friends ~ ~ it's Vicky here from Teaching and Much Moore.  It's the Saturday before most of us go back....ho -hum.  Being home was fun, productive, relaxing...fill in the blank!  But going back doesn't have to be such a CHORE!  I'm here to share some helpful tips to make the ease back into school after Winter Break a little painful!

DO: Be sure to spend some time the first day back allowing your students to share even if it's just 1 or 2 minutes in a class meeting.  I know, I know you are thinking I don't have the time...first off not everyone will want to share.  For instance it SNOWED here in So. Cal -- that NEVER happens so I'm guessing some of my students will want to talk about how they felt, what they did, etc.  I think it gains valuable time later when it's time to get to work.

DO:  Spend some time reviewing a few rules each day during the first week back.  My kids even in third grade love it when I act all silly sitting in the chair almost falling out ~  {don't rock in your chair rule }'s a good time to review these crucial procedures and classroom rules.

DO: Give lots of hugs and warm welcomes!!  They missed you and want your attention.

DO:   Get right back into routine as quickly as possible.  You spent weeks setting up your procedures and you don't want them to unravel because of 2 - 3 weeks off.

DO:  This just might be the most important one in my eyes:  WEAR a CUTE OUTFIT!!!!  LOL

DON'T: Stress ~ your students will be so happy to see you and that pile you left on your desk will still be there I'm pretty sure.

Welcome back my friends!  Tell us how your week goes by commenting below or visiting our facebook page: { click picture to visit our page }

Enjoy your first week back guys!