Primary Chalkboard: A "Must" Read for Teachers

A "Must" Read for Teachers

Hi Everyone!

Lisa from Growing Firsties popping in to share an amaaaaaazing children's novel.

My school district has been moving to a full-inclusion model and my new school has been doing a book study on The Principal's Handbook for Leading Inclusive Schools, which is FILLED with powerful nuggets and tips! The discussion we're having is fantastic, as well! True collaboration.

That said, somehow THIS book is the one that is REALLLLY speaking to me...bringing it all home...

Told by Melody, a young girl who has an absolutely BRILLIANT mind, yet is unable to communicate verbally....she has WAAAAAY more in her head than she is able to express. She notices anything and everything and has many thoughts about it all.

Having it told from her perspective both humbles and inspires me, for I have had students with disabilities that make communication difficult for them. I always thought that I championed all of my students to be the best "them." This book inspires me to be even more so.

A powerful read for sure.

What books have impacted you as a person and/or as a teacher? Though, I guess if it impacts you as a person, it also impacts you as a teacher. Please share in the comments!

Also, I'm curious...if you've read this book and have an opinion on which grade level(s) it would best be suited for as a read aloud.

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  1. This book was part of our Sunshine State Young Readers Award a few years ago (2012 I think). It's amazing how my 8-9 year olds could grasp this story! They enjoyed it.

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