Primary Chalkboard: Monsterous Giveaway and some Not-so-Spooky Freebies!

Monsterous Giveaway and some Not-so-Spooky Freebies!

Hey! It's Leigh and Leslie and we're here to share a few not-so-spookey FREEBIES with you while you enter for your chance to win one of FOUR amazing prize packs! 

Here's a quick recap if you forgot what was up for grabs!

1. First Grade Prize Pack!
2. Second Grade Prize Pack!
3. Fire Safety Prize Pack!
4. GRAND PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

{click here to check them out and enter for your chance to win, one or all!!!!!!!!!!}

 Can I just say how jelly I am of the person who wins that mega pack?! Oh my! I *NEED* that bag and bunting!

Ok... now onto the freebies! 

First up?!
 Something to get your kiddlets brains engaged while building their vocabulary! I love teaching about bats and spiders in October! (especially living in FL where both are very prevalent!)
I created this fun spider themed center to help my kiddos distinguish between verbs and adjectives with a creepy crawly twist!

{Click here or the pic to grab this puppy FREE from my TpT store!}

Hey everyone!! It's Leslie! Love your Spider word sort, Leigh!!! It will be perfect for our 1st and 2nd grade sweeties!!! So, my not-so-scary freebie is on Key Ideas and Details. Yikes, right!!! Those words are scary enough for most kids! But fear not!!! With my Key Idea and Details Pumpkins, you can help your kiddos learn this complex core standard. It can be used as a guided lesson or as an independent lesson.  As for me, I used it both ways and it is a great center to reinforce the skill! Click on the picture to take you to my TpT store to download it! 

We hope that you have enjoyed entering our MONSTEROUS giveaway! Please come back tomorrow for more October goodies from our sweet friends!!! 

Happy Wednesday!
Leigh and Leslie

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