Primary Chalkboard: Prepping Early with a Freebie!

Prepping Early with a Freebie!

Hi, friends! It's Laura from Peace, Love, and First Grade!

When I read Katie's post yesterday, I thought about the hustle and bustle of the holidays and how we, as teachers, can find ways to lessen the stress. 

One thing I like to do is prep ahead.

Years ago, I learned I removed some unnecessary stress if I prepped weeks in advance. 

Don't get me wrong, things always come up, but I want to be prepared if they do. 

Being prepared includes making sure all my classroom resources are printed and ready to use before they are needed. 

In first grade, we use a lot of printable math resources-
number cards, number grids...tons of number references, including number lines. 

Well, I'm all about seasonal and holiday fun, and my kiddos enjoy using them, too.

If you like changing out references with the seasons, then here are a few freebies for you-

number lines 0-10. 

Even though, we are adding through 20, the Singapore Math program we use is based on ten, 
so we'll use these number lines all year. 

And honestly, many of my sweet friends still need visuals to help with equations,
 especially with those tricky MISSING ADDENDS! Grrr!

Here are three different winter number lines from 0-10, color and b/w.
Click on the pic to download!

And, if you still need fall resources,
 here are three different fall number lines from 0-10, color and b/w, as well. 
Click the pic to download!

I hope you can use these! 
Happy Sunday, friends!


  1. Thank you so much!!!!! These will really come in handy with my math toolkits I was prepping!

    1. Hi, Maureen! You are more than welcome! I'm thrilled you can use them!! Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great week!

  2. Thanks for sharing this post on facebook. I love these number lines and plan to use them asap!!

  3. I clicked on these to drop in my TPT cart & then I realized both sets were FREE! That's so generous - thank you! I also love to prep ahead, but mostly because I'm procrastinating on what needs to be done at the time :)