Primary Chalkboard: Getting Your Students to Not Dread Testing!

Getting Your Students to Not Dread Testing!

We've all been there….standardized testing. Yuck! Who likes it? Certainly not me nor my students. But it is a necessary evil. A while back I wrote a blog post on how to help your students not dread standardized testing and actually even look forward to it a little bit. I thought it would be timely to revisit this blog post because I know that glorious stressful time of year is quickly approaching. If you want to find out how I help my students wake up ready to roll on those testing days, head on over to my blog at 2 Brainy Apples and maybe my trick will help you and your students!

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  1. Oh testing days. I'm taught 3rd grade in FL, which students would dread because it was their first year of FCAT and if they didn't pass they would have to repeat 3rd grade if they didn't pass in summer school.

    I did all that I could to prepare for the students throughout the year. We often talked about how serious the test was but that it was also just another test that they're prepared for. I often received word from parents how their child was nervous before 3rd grade but were very calm during the test. I also gave them a small treat with a fun note on their desk before every test day. We even had parents write notes for their kids with encouraging words.

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