Primary Chalkboard: Common Core Writing Rubrics

Common Core Writing Rubrics

Aloha everyone! It's Corinna from Surfin' Through Second. I hope the New Year is rolling right along for you and your class.

Today I wanted to share some Writing Rubrics for 2nd grade.

Last year I attended a workshop where we sat down and broke apart the 
Common Core standards at 2nd grade for each writing strand.

If you would like more details on the process you can check out my full post {HERE}.

It was a long process, but great to really understand what to look for in a student's writing.

Each rubric is broken down into 5 areas -Introduction, Development/Evidence, Conclusion, Organization and Language Skills (which apply to each strand). Click on the pictures to download each rubric.

I have an editable version that you can grab on Google Docs---> {HERE}

These are a great starting point and you can easily adapt and make kids friendly versions for your classroom.

I hope you find these helpful!  

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  1. Sooo helpful!! Thank you :-)