Primary Chalkboard: An Oil Spill Science & Writing Activity!

An Oil Spill Science & Writing Activity!

Hello Friends! This is Christina, from Miss DeCarbo's Sugar and Spice. Today on my blog, I shared a super fun science experiment and writing activity that I did with my first graders last week for Earth Day! :)

I used water, vegetable oil, and feathers to create a horrible OIL SPILL that took place in my classroom!
My little scientists had to work in small groups to discuss, devise, and write a plan of action for this terrible, environmental disaster! 

They worked together to try to remove the oil, clean up the water, and save the wildlife. They soon discovered this was a DIFFICULT task!

Afterwards, my students summarized what they learned and wrote about what they wanted others to know and learn after their own experience with an unclean planet.

Read ALL of the details, check out even MORE pictures of this experiment, and learn the steps I took for this activity on my blog today by clicking HERE.

*Disclosure* No wildlife was injured or harmed in the making of this experiment. ;)

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  1. This looks so cool! We did one, too, but it was not nearly this cool! You've inspired me for next year. Thank you!