Primary Chalkboard: Butterfly Art

Butterfly Art

Aloha friends! Corinna from Surfin' Through Second here.  Are you thawing out from the winter freeze?  Spring is here and we are doing lots of fun activities in our classroom.

One of our favorite activities is learning about Monarch Butterflies and their amazing life cycles.  We have Monarchs here in Hawaii and many of my students love hunting for caterpillars and watching them transform into butterflies.

There are tons of fun resources out there to help teach students more about Monarchs.
Check out this post on my blog for more details-----> {Click Here}

We did this fun art project that uses symmetry to make some gorgeous butterflies.

They came out great and my class worked so hard to try to make both sides symmetrical.
This took us a few afternoons to finish, which makes it a great activity for these last 
few months of school.

Click on the template to download it from Google Docs.

Mahalo for stopping b the Primary Chalkboard and I hope you will visit me at my blog for more ideas and resources.


  1. Love these, so cute Corinna !
    <3 Vicky

  2. Love these, so cute Corinna !
    <3 Vicky