Primary Chalkboard: It's Planting Time

It's Planting Time

Hi Friends.... Anna here from Simply Skilled in Second.  It's HERE... It's HERE... SPRING has arrived!  I don't know about you guys...but our winter here in the northeast was B.R.U.T.A.L.!  Truly! Brutal.  It felt like spring would never arrive.  But it has...and what better way to celebrate then to talk about Planting!

Every year in my classroom as part of our Science curriculum, we plant sunflowers.  I love sunflowers! But the only problem is that we never get to see our sunflowers actually bloom because school is over by that time :(  However, year after year, I have students coming back to class showing me pictures of their sunflowers and how they replanted them at their homes and they grew taller than them!  I love when they come back and tell me that :)

Here is an adorable video that I have shown my kiddos called Sid the Seed.. They love it!

I also read a few big books to my class on seeds and planting.   Then we usually get to work.

The last few years, we have completed my Plants Flip Flap Book which they really loved!

They write about plants and complete the Life Cycle of the Sunflower.

If you want to check it out in my TPT Shop, just click the image below...

This year, I have decided to do something a little different and change it up a bit... I always change things up from year to year so that I don't get bored with the same projects year after year.

This year we are going to complete my Plants Tab-Its Booklet for our Science Interactive Notebooks!
Click the image below to check it out in my TPT Shop.

We will complete a graphic organizer on what Plants Have, Are, and Need.  They will focus on some Vocabulary development, label a diagram of a plant and write what each part of the plant does, they will label the life cycle of a flower, and the last few pages of my Tab-It booklet is their plant journal where they will write a plant observation looking at their newly planted sunflower.  They will draw a picture, describe the plant and the stage the plant is in, measure the plant's height, and draw a picture of it.  This Tab-It booklet has EVERYTHING my kiddos need to learn and complete for our plant unit.  I literally can't wait to start!!!!  

Anywhooo...I hope you are all warming up for those of you that live where cold winters are brutal and for those of you that live in warm weather climates year round... I am coming to live with you!  :)

Happy Spring!!


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