Primary Chalkboard: Bulletin Boards Made EASY!

Bulletin Boards Made EASY!

Hey everyone! It's Karen from Mrs. Jones's Class and I am here with a quick and easy idea for you!

This was created in my last minute desperation last summer as I struggled with changing grade levels from Kindergarten to 5th grade, setting up a new classroom, learning the new curriculum, figuring out WHAT I was doing, buying a bajillion new things for the room (because I guessed that 5th graders wouldn't all love rainbows and polka dots), and needing to put together some kind of bulletin board that would be cute AND functional.... this easy anchor chart bulletin board was just the trick!

So. Do you create anchor charts? Of course you do!  There you go, you are already half way done.

I put up different color paper and a boarder to separate the subject areas, then printed out some big letters to make a focus for each of the sections. Suuuuuper easy!  I would display the anchor charts from our current units, just stapling each one on top of the next so that we could flip back to old ones if need be. 
Easy AND functional!

If you would like to use my letter headers for the different subject areas,

<3 Karen

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