Primary Chalkboard: Math Talks are Fun!!! Plus a FREEBIE!!!

Math Talks are Fun!!! Plus a FREEBIE!!!

Hi Everyone! Its Latoya of Flying into First Grade!!!
I am here to share with you some resources about Math Talks also known as number talks.
I am a new math coach and this is one big initiative that I am pushing to my teachers.  I have been modeling number talks left and right. 
I love number talks because the students are engaged with each other and they are thinking mentally.  They are also responsible for explaining their thinking and coming up with different strategies to solve.  It is working wonders for our EL students.
Here are some slides from my PD and a number talk planning sheet so you can plan your own!


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  1. How do you decide what problems to present in Number Talks? Is there a logical sequence to follow? I would like to feel more organized than I do now. Thanks for sharing.