Primary Chalkboard: Fire Safety Ideas

Fire Safety Ideas

Hi everyone!

Its Latoya from Flying into First Grade and I am here to share some Fire Safety ideas!

Read Alouds

Here are 2 great fiction read alouds!!!

My Mom is a Firefighter by Lois Grambling
Billy has two families—his mom and dad, and his firehouse "uncles," who work with his mom. Billy knows that firefighters have an important job to do, protecting people and putting out fires—and even Billy can lend a hand! Award-winner Grambling and popular illustrator Manning bring to life this heartfelt story of a little boy who wants to grow up to be just like his mom.

Stop Drop and Roll by Margery Cuyler
During Fire Prevention Week at her school, Jessica, the worrywart from "100th Day Worries", is chosen to demonstrate the "stop, drop and roll" technique, and she can't get it just right. But she learns that taking precautions and knowing what to do is the best cure for her fire safety worries.

Here are 2 great non-fiction read alouds!!!

Firehouse Dog by Amy Hutchings
A proud dalmatian pup leads readers through the day-to-day activities of a busy fire station. Full-color photographs and fire safety tips accompany the text.

A Day at the Fire Station by Megan Faulkner
Simple text and bright full-color photographs convey the enthusiasm and all the amazing things to discover on these fun and informative trips to the fire station.

Here are 3 ideas to use with your students!

1. Integrate five senses-Talk about how we can detect a fire using our five senses.
for example we would use our nose to smell smoke or eyes to see fire.

2. Family Evacuation Plan Project- Have students to complete a safety plan at home with their families. 

3. Write letters to firefighters- Have your students write letters to firefighters thanking them for protecting their community.

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