Primary Chalkboard: Social Media in the Classroom

Social Media in the Classroom

Hello everybody!  This is Terry here from Terry's Teaching Tidbits.  I'm so excited to be back on the Primary Chalkboard blog to share some great new ideas with you that I've been trying out in my classroom.

This year I have decided to step up my communication with parents in an effort to keep them more informed and aware of what is going on the classroom.  The results?  This has been the BEST year that I've ever had in the classroom.  The parents in my class have never been more kind, helpful, and reassured that what we're doing is going to be rigorous, fun, and educational.  On top of that, I, myself, have been more involved and motivated.  It's a win-win!

To become more communicative, I've been using the following types of Social Media/technology in my classroom:

  1. Periscope
  2. Facebook
  3. Class Dojo
  4. Kahn Academy
  5. iXL
To find out more detail about how I'm using each of these in my classroom, head over to my {BLOG POST}.  

Word to the wise:  Don't be scared!  There are ways to use technology and social media without violating privacy.  I talk about this with Periscope and Facebook.

We live in a digital world now, so join me in adapting to our changing society and using it in a positive manner to help our students, parents, and ourselves stay motivated and involved in the classroom.

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