Primary Chalkboard: All About Apples Week: Lisa & Tamara

All About Apples Week: Lisa & Tamara

We are all excited about what we're doing for Apple Week here at Primary Chalkboard! :)  I hope you've gotten to snag a few great freebies and ideas so far for your firsties and seconds! :) Lisa and I are going to share a few things with you that we hope will make your Apple Week sensational!! :0)

Hello everyone!  It's Tamara and I'd like to tell you a wee bit about something 'apple-y' that I'm using in my classroom this week...and into next week! :)

I worked on a brand new apple writing pack over the summer and I'm looking forward to using it with my firsties to reflect on reading and collaborative activities from our apple celebration! :)
This apple writing pack includes:

These are great to have up during writing time to 'cue' students to what your expectations are.

There are worksheets for brainstorming, drafting, revising, and publishing.  There are even some mini student friendly checklists for peer editing time.

I made the lines on the Level 1 sheets wider for emergent writers--thinner on the Level 2 sheets.  In the example above the students on Level 2 are required to have three supports...while students on Level 1 only require one.

I am a LOVER of subitizing in math! :)
Subitizing is the ability to recall numbers without needing to count.  Kind of like how you know that the shape of the dots on the face of a die mean 5 or 2 or 6 without having to stop and count every time you roll. ;)
This is a helpful tool for number sense! :)
It's apple themed and it's YOURS if you'd like it for your classroom! :)

Lisa from Growing Firsties here...
In my school, our curriculum is pretty mandated...and we technically don't "do" apples in first grade could I not join in Apple Week fun and put together a little freebie?
An Apple-tastic Freebie, at that! :) My class has used a few of these pages as Daily Warm Up and it's had us in the mood for apples for sure!

Here's what's included in the download...which you can get to right {HERE}...

Hope you guys are enjoying Apple Week here at Primary Chalkboard!!

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  1. You ladies are Applelicious! Such fun goodies that will get the kiddos super excited to learn! Thanks for sharing girls!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  2. Thanks so much!!!


  3. Thanks for sharing the fun apple subitizing activity:-)

  4. You guys are amazing!!! Great Freebies too!