Primary Chalkboard: Applefest Continues!

Applefest Continues!

Happy Apple Week from Simply Skilled in Second and Fluttering Through First Grade

We are so excited to share some fun with you today!  
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This week is all about.... APPLES!!!!  
We guess you can call it an Applefest :)

Hi Friends! It's Anna from Simply Skilled in Second! I wanted to share with you what I am planning to do during my Applefest!  Every year we tie in apples during our Fall Observation Week that is connected to our science unit.  We observe a tree in each of the different seasons, predict and record the temperature for the week, and record the sunrise and sunset time for each day during our observation week.  I read many different read-alouds throughout the week that have a focus on apples.  On Friday, we have our Applefest.  The children are engaged in many different types of activities with apples.  They weigh, measure, and describe apples.  We also have the parents come in a do a baking activity with the students where they get to use standard forms of measurement with baking.  
This year I have decided to add some additional stations into my Applefest Day.  Most of my Apple Stations revolve around math, however, this year I am going to add some ELA stations into the mix as well.  They are going to be making an Apple Flip-Flap Book when they arrive at each of the ELA stations.  At the first ELA station they will create the "A" and the "P" in their Apple Flip-Flap Book where they will complete an apple graphic organizer to describe an apple using their senses.  The next ELA station they will create the next letter "P" where they will color and label the parts of an apple tree.  Next, they will read through a short non-fiction text about apples and then label the parts of an apple and color it.  After that, they will complete the "E" page where they will label and color the life cycle of an apple.  Lastly, they will finish with the "S" page where they record the results of the class data on each students' favorite apple.  I am so excited that I added an ELA portion to my Apple Day.  Now I will have covered my math and ELA lessons for the whole day and we get a yummy baked treat at the end as our reward for our hard-work!  Take a look at some of the pictures below of the apple flip-flap book.

This is what the apple flip-flap book will look like when it is complete.

This is what each page of Apple Flip-Flap Book looks like!

If you are interested in trying this out with your students, click the image below to head on over to my TPT Shop to pick it up.

Howdy Apple Lovers! 
It's Christy & Tammy from Fluttering Through First Grade
Are you a Honey Crisp kinda person? 
Maybe more of a Gala Girl? 
Any Granny Smith Lovers? 
We're a Dipped in Chocolate or Caramel if at all Possible People ourselves...
It really is an Applefest!
Each fall, we bring real apples as well as apple chips into class to introduce adjectives to our first graders. We demonstrate the importance of "juicy" words when writing through food. It's our way of introducing adjectives without them knowing they are being introduced to adjectives. :)
As they are snacking, we ask them to describe their apples versus apple chips. They come up with words like dry, crunchy, yummy, and dull for the apple chips and words like juicy, crisp, delicious and yum-o for the apples. Yes, we know...Yum-o is not technically a word, but in Rachel Ray's world it is and we are dealing with food, so we took it as a child who was channeling their inner Food Network Star. 

As we chat, we discuss the importance of using describing words when we write because apple chips mean dry, boring details and juicy apples mean descriptive, detailed sentences.

And, P.S. This has absolutely nothing to do with Trader Joe's apple chips. We adore them and Joe. In fact, when the lesson is done we have at least 5 kids come ask where we got them from because they are so delicious. So technically, we are helping you Joe. 
You're welcome. 
We've created some Juicy Apple Adjectives activities and just added them to our TpT Shop. 

Plus, we are firm believers that all party guests Applefest attendees should leave with party favors...So, our Juicy Apple Adjectives activities are FREE! 


  1. LOVE these! And now I have ANOTHER item to my Trader Joe's list!!! :)

  2. I was about to say the exact same thing, Katie! :) Oh my goodness! :) Love these ideas, girls!! ;) XOXO

  3. I was about to say the exact same thing, Katie! :) Oh my goodness! :) Love these ideas, girls!! ;) XOXO

  4. I came to this blog for the giveaway and scrolled down to find this. Now I want to use it next year! I wish I found it earlier. Thank you!