Primary Chalkboard: The Common Core State Standards and Math!

The Common Core State Standards and Math!

Hi Everyone!  This is Deb from Fabulously First!  Hoping you are Happy, Healthy, and thinking of what you are going to prepare for your BIG Thanksgiving Dinner next week.

The Common Core State Standards are here. Some say they are here to stay and some say they are only here temporarily.  Whatever you think we must teach on!  The Common Core State Standards provide a clear understanding of what is expected of our students to learn.  They are designed to be rigorous (a word we hear often) and bring relevance to the real world.  They were designed to reflect what knowledge our students will need to have to have success in college and in a working environment.

Forty-five states have adopted the Common Core State Standards.  The math standards are supposed to allow teachers to focus on fewer topics and be able to dig deeper into the concepts to make sure our students master them.  They also want our students to apply them to real world situations. 

I know that we all have a favorite subject to teach and mine is math.  Not that I don't love teaching reading, social studies, and science, I just love teaching math a little bit more. 

To support those of you who are working extra hard I have a great product for you that my boys and girls use every single day.  I have them on metal rings around the room for my kiddos to grab and use if they need to. I love having this product in my room and love that we are working on being independent in the classroom and building our stamina to be independent.  Whew! I forget too quickly by the time first grade is over how much they don't know when they arrive to first grade at the beginning of the school year.  

Love these two little girls!

See, None of them dislike the camera!

Click the image above to take a look!

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Thank you for visiting today and all of us here at Primary Chalkboard wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a well deserved time with family and friends. 

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