Primary Chalkboard: Nuts About Nouns and a Freebie too!

Nuts About Nouns and a Freebie too!

Well to be quite honest I am nuts about a lot of things and nous are just one of them! I am kind of nuts about teaching all forms of grammar period. It is concrete and a grammar lesson can happen by simply analyzing any sentence you come across.  You don’t need a worksheet!

In my ongoing effort to hit multiple standards during my lessons, I am doing a lot of “reading pauses”. During a pause I’ll pick a sentence, write it on the board and we look at it in depth.  We look for nouns. But we also look for verbs (action and helping), and then if possible I’ll talk about adverbs, adjectives, synonyms, antonyms, and phonics sounds we have covered. My students attention level seems more intense because we are dealing with these grammar components in the real reading we are doing.  It also make grammar real.
You all know enough about me by now to know that we are going to do art to reinforce these grammar concepts.  Here is our nouns tree. Each month it changes to reflect the season.

 I forgot to take a picture of the Acorn tree.  Darn it! That might have been because of what I call Friday Amnesia! I kind of lose my minds on Fridays! All I can think about is starting the weekend and I forget about anything else. Can you be happy without the picture above for just a few days? I promise to a picture Monday.
I have an entire series of Smart Art for nouns.
Here are the ones you might love for winter.  
Winter Nouns Teacher to the Core
The peppermint stick is big. Size matters when you are trying to compete for their mental attention.  Santa takes up a lot of their mental space in the coming weeks, but this pulls in the holiday joy and academic rigor. They may or may not get to do this project with a candy cane in their mouth… don’t tell the nutrition policeTPT
Are you looking for ways to help your “Littles” understand thankfulness in these coming days?  If so, download this little two page comprehension builder and enjoy!
Photo: The Facebook hop is still going if you have not jumped on yet!!! Grab  this 2 page freebie and more !
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Sending Love, Katie


  1. I love everything about this post...your smart art is fabulous! Thanks for sharing these ideas!~!
    Just Reed!