Primary Chalkboard: Election Day Fun

Election Day Fun

Hello Chalkie friends! 
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I'm kicking off this month of blog posts with a fun blog post on Election Day! 
My name is Jessica and I am the first grade teacher blogger from First Grade Nest! 

This year's Election Day won't be as big of a deal as last year since it isn't a presidential election year, but I still want to teach Election Day and the process of voting to my first graders. 

Check out the voting process we did last year. 
We started by reading a nonfiction text on voting and Election Day so that students were familiar with the process. 
Then, we read three fun Election Day books! 
Grace for President
My Teacher for President
Duck for President

I then put students on campaign teams. They must make campaign posters for each book they choose.
Here are My Teacher for President posters.  

Duck's posters...

And Grace's posters....

Grab the freebie campaign posters to label your 3 candidates here!

Then, we registered to vote and went through with the entire voting process.

Both of these documents are FREE here! 

I didn't have time to craft up the ballot box into something adorable and patriotic. Please forgive me. You guys know how absolutely crazy October is!! 

After our Election Day process, we completed a fun craftivity book! 

These books are available at my TPT store


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I had SO much fun blogging with P.C. this evening! Can't wait to see you guys again in December!


  1. You've been holding out on us? What a cute freebie! I can't wait to use this with my kiddos. Since it isn't a huge election year (at least for us), I may use it when we are talking about presidents in a few months. Thanks again for sharing :)

  2. Great post Jessica! Love it all! Can't wait to use it! :)


  3. Those are so cute! I love the voter registration card and the ballots! Thanks so much for posting! :-)


  4. Love this idea. My vote goes to: Grace for President. That is one of my favorite books!


  5. What an adorable idea! I love that they have to "register"! :)