Primary Chalkboard: April 2014

Bubble Science

Friends~It's Monica Schroeder from The Schroeder Page.  I am really excited to be blogging over here at The Primary Chalkboard!  Today I am going to share something super fun and science-ie with you. 
As the end of the school year approaches, this is one of my go to lessons to keep my kiddos engaged and loving learning.  
I start by simply creating a KWL with my students.  This is a great way to tap into prior knowledge and allow students to generate questions about this seemingly familiar topic.

I then break my students into partners and pass out some bubble facts.  This is a perfect way to help them answer their questions and also learn some quick facts. 
We then read this book called POP! A Book About Bubbles by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley.  
It is an easy read but it is packed full of tips on how bubbles are formed.  
This is my go to video!  It always sucks them into the magical world of bubbles. 
It is from the Discovery Channel on Soap Bubble Science. 
Give the picture a click to check it out!
We then participate in some super fun bubble science experiments that connect with our solids, liquids, and gases science goal.  
Check out a few experiments below:
Click the video below to see my son experimenting with blowing bubbles on our table at home.  
I was truly not sure this would work but it did and was totally awesome!

My kiddos loved this experiment and it is great for predicting.  I start by asking my students if they blew a bubble through a cookie cutter, would it make a different shape?  
I then present them with several cookie cutters and small trays of my favorite solutions. 
Click the picture above to download a FREE copy of my recording sheet for this experiment. 
This is only the beginning! You can touch on surface tension or even head into creative writing with bubbles. 
Here are some other fun ideas:
*Bubblegum Blowing Contest
*Pass out wedding bubbles as learning souvenirs.
*Use mini compass rings to track the direction of bubbles.
You can check out more of my Bubble Science by clicking below or give my blog button a click to read about how my class raised praying mantises and more!  

Anchor Chart ROUND UP!

Hey everyone! Karen here from Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten

The year seems to be winding down for many of us (okay I still have over 40 days left... but let's not get picky), so I thought I would do a little anchor chart recap from the year!

Now first, let's be honest. If you are OCD like me, you have a love/hate relationship with anchor charts. Hate when you have to do the hurryletmedrawthisrealquick one when you are with your class of sweeties  {Because when you are sitting in front of 21 five year olds, you have about 3.5 seconds to draw something semi-normal looking} and LOVE when you can then revisit said anchor chart AFTERSCHOOL and make it all presentable and post-worthy. Right? Or am I the only crazy that does this?

Anywhoo, here are some of my favorites from my classroom this year!

Let's start by taking it back to the beginning... September writer's workshop!

Remember fall? Ahh....

Learning how to read is serious business!
(...And I KNOW, I KNOW... "Independent" is spelled wrong! I did fix it! This is what happens when a teacher has ADD! :) )

Our writer's workshop unit showed that little people have BIG opinions!

Who knew that one letter could sound so different?

Setting goals and kicking their butts!

As we wind down the year... we become authors of non-fiction books ...our definite fav!

...And work on digraphs and blends in phonics! Word.

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorites from the year! {And tell me you are an anchor chart OCD'er too?!}

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How many times have you ever said this, "I need more books for my classroom library"?  Well, I found this nice little secret a few years back while teaching kindergarten.  I am going to share it with all of you so that you can get books and more the inexpensive way for your classroom library.  Have you ever heard of "Book Sale Finder"?

Click on the image to take you to their website

When you get to the website you will see the image below along with many other images on their website.  Just click on the state you live in and 

you will see the next image that tells you where all of the book sales that your local library has coming up and the dates and times to visit.  

As you can see I have one to go to in Alpharetta, GA.   At my local library I go and get a box or two of books for about $10.00 to $15.00 per box. (they usually run from .50 to $1.00 each) I also find VHS movies really cheap since nobody has a VHS player anymore except me in my classroom!  If you get there early on the first day they open, or go when they have a "library card holder" preview, you can make out like a bandit in the book territory.  I then can use them to send home with my kids and not worry about them getting lost because they can be replaced at the next book sale.  

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, they have a Facebook page so click on the link below and follow them to get notifications.

Okay, I wanted to keep it short and sweet so you can check out their website and their Facebook pages.  Here's to happy reading and book finding!  

Deb from Fabulously First!