Primary Chalkboard: June 2014

The ABCs of Summer...for Teachers

Happy Summer, friends! It's Laura from Peace, Love, and First Grade!

I'm here to share with you a little summer fun.

The ABCs of Summer...for Teachers!

Hope you enjoy!

Have a fun week!


Last Week of School { *yippee* } Ideas

Hi all it's Vicky here...this is my LAST week of school. { insert yippee face here - although I'm sad too...such a great class! } How about you?!?  I'm sure some of you are already out and enjoying your summer but I still have a few more days.  What do I do to keep them busy you ask?!?  Well I know we have all seen the last week memory type products that are wonderful but...why not add even more fun!?! 
This is what I usually have planned for the last week and the kids look forward to it each year!
Each day of the last week we plan something you can see Monday was crazy sock day ~ just for our grade level.  Tuesday was otter pop day...sometimes we include field day with this.  Wednesday they bring in a shirt ( PE shirt maybe ) that can be 'written' on and all their friends sign it...of course I wear one they can sign too. :o)  Thursday is Pajama Day and a read a thon, fort building day and Friday is board game day.  Thursday and Friday we push all the desks to the sides of the room and they can spread out to play, read, etc.  It's fun, super simple and keeps the kids busy with something other than paper and pencil.  What do you do the last week?