Primary Chalkboard: 100th Day Celebration Hooray!!

100th Day Celebration Hooray!!

It's Wednesday here at the Primary Chalkboard! So you know what that means!

You know we all say it! LOL! It's Leslie from 

First Grade and Flip Flops

and I'm here to offer you some ideas for your 100th Day! I guess for some of you, that may not happen til May the way I see these snow days popping up! Good and bad, I guess! I live in Florida where we have hurricane days that occur (thankfully) very few and far between. Too bad we don't have days for it's too dang hot! LOL!

Our 100th day falls on January 31st and we have a WHOLE day planned of fun 100 themed activities. Some favourite are:

Dress up as a 100 year old lady!  And have the kids dress up as 100 year old little people!!

This was the first year we did it... Not too old looking and I couldn't let the hair thing go. But check out those sporty knee highs! 

This was last year. I took the plunge and powdered my hair! Took forever to wash out but the kids loved it!!! The kids in our classes even dressed up! 

Sweet Stacy from Funky Fresh Firsties made this adorable shirt (you can check out her blog to see how you can buy one!) and  used the Aging Booth her kiddos and the adorable pack she created! They were so cute!

And see how this 

helped transform darling Tammy from Fluttering in First Grade into a 100 year old! (She looks adorable!!! Don't listen to her post!!!)

 Make 100th Day Snacks! Who doesn't love food! Check out Corinna's post from Surfin' Through Second Grade's snack idea and her fabulous idea of 100 ways to make 100!! Clever! And there are some recipe ideas, too, for a trail mix. 

Rock it out with 100th Day Glasses!

Cute kid, not included but you can download the glasses here from Scholastic! 

We make a headband:

I tried to upload a tracer for the headband but the paper was too long. Honestly, you know what I used? A Burger King crown! Yup! Just make sure there are 10 points on the crown (I used a small piece of sentence strip to make a headband. Some kids will not need it). I cut out colourful strip and each kid placed 10 somethings on each strip: 10 fingerprints, 10 stamps, 10 hole punches, whatever. Then you staple them to the points and you have a crown! Ok, jesters hat, but they love it!!! 

I am looking to add some new ideas into our 100th day repertoire and my Chalkie sisters came to the rescue! Please check out their blogs and links! 

I hope you were able to get some ideas for your 100th day and if it already passed, well, hopefully saved for next year! Have a great week and check back with us for more ideas! 


  1. Can you believe I just heard about that Hump Day commercial last week for the first time? I think it's hysterical! I copied your Hump Day picture and sent it to my son because he LOVES it even more that me! Thanks for making me smile.

  2. We had our 100 Day today and we had a blast! Love the hump day commercials too, they are funny!

  3. I love that commercial too! Thank you for gathering all of these fun ideas for 100th day. We've got a few weeks to plan till our day is here so this post is super helpful :-)