Primary Chalkboard: Got Technology? Try DonorsChoose!

Got Technology? Try DonorsChoose!

Hi, everyone! It's Laura from Peace, Love, and First Grade!
So happy to share with you today!
When I began teaching, school technology consisted
of tape players & record players.
Yes, I said record players.
We had a computer lab, but it was used for the upper grades.
Quite frankly, the computers were a little scary looking, too.
See what I mean? Makes me shiver!

Well, times have certainly changed! These lovely taupe machines
have gone the way of the dinosaurs but they sure did leave a family legacy! 

Fast forward 20 years...
Today's computers are slim and light and much more attractive.
That is...if you are lucky enough to have them in your classroom. 

My school district believes in technology.
All principals have ipads, all teachers have MAC books,
and all schools have MAC carts and working computer labs.
But, most of the technology belongs to grades 2 and above.
That leaves the littles out somewhat.
In my classroom, we had 2 desktop computers at the beginning of the year.
I decided this was the year I wanted to add more technology!

Enter DonorsChoose!
Over the last couple of years, I've watched several of my blogger friends get classroom materials through a website called DonorsChoose.
Some of my friends have received thousands of dollars worth of supplies!
Primary Chalkboard's own Stacy from Funky, Fresh Firsties
has had 18 projects funded through DonorsChoose!!
Stacy has even written an easy-to-use guide for submitting a proposal.
You can find it on TpT for FREE right here!

I used Stacy's guide when I wrote my first proposal, and it was super helpful!
I learned lower priced projects fund faster because they don't overwhelm donors.
My first proposal was $358.

So, what did I ask for?

Well, at first I thought about iPads, but honestly, Kindle Fire HDXs are more than $100 cheaper, so...
My first proposal was for 1 Kindle Fire HDX 7, stylus, and protective cover.
I got the word out to parents and friends, posted the project on my facebook page and my class webpage, and sent out project updates each week.
Some of my parents and friends took advantage of the Disney matching code
for the first 7 days, and we funded our first Kindle rather quickly.

I have a goal of 6 Kindles for my classroom.
So far, we have funded and are using the first 3.
The fourth one is $119 away from funding,
and the 5th and 6th projects are ready to submit.
Our school secretary, who is in charge of our school website,
has agreed to put our last 3 projects on our school site.

 Opening Kindle #1

Opening Kindle #2

Here's the letter I sent to parents.
I wanted to make sure every parent was aware of our project.
I also wanted to ensure they knew EVERY dollar counted!
Click on the pic for a pdf copy.
You won't be able to edit it,
but hopefully, it will help you if you decide to submit a proposal.

Not only has DonorsChoose helped me provide technology for my classroom,
it has opened up another avenue of teachers supporting teachers.
I love it! I've even signed up to be a monthly donor! 

If you have ever thought of submitting a project to DonorsChoose, nows the time!!
What do you have to lose?
All projects are posted for 4 months, plenty of time to get needed donations.
Good luck on your projects, friends! Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Congratulations on your new Kindles! That is so exciting!! I have been so fortunate to receive wonderful items through Donor's Choose too. I love that letter. I have always sent emails to parents, but I think I will try this! Thank you so much for sharing!


    1. Hi, Corinna! Thank you so much! I think I'm hooked on DonorsChoose now! Ha! We are loving the Kindles!! I had no idea there were so many great educational apps out there!
      Happy Wednesday, my friend!

  2. What a great post, friend! I am so excited for you... you are quite the DC guru now!!! I can't wait to read about what you will ask for next!!!